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Games and How to Play Them

Get a refresher on your favorite kids' games, or find ideas for new games kids can play. These games are all designed to get kids active and moving. Many can be played indoors or out, and are perfect for birthday parties and other occasions.

Active, Outdoor Birthday Party Games
Keep guests busy at your next kids' birthday party: Turn them loose outside, then gather them for these great, active games.

Active Indoor Birthday Party Games
Birthday party games that get kids moving are a boon for guests, hosts, and guests' parents. These games require little to no equipment, just a little space and a lot of enthusiasm.

Cooperative Party Games
No winners or losers, only lots of active fun with these party games that get kids moving - but not competing with each other.

Relay Races for Kids
With just a little advance prep, you can entertain party guests of all ages with relay races. Some can be done indoors and some require no props, and almost all can be adapted to your party theme.

Easy Sidewalk Chalk Games
Sidewalk chalk is inexpensive and kids love it. But have you ever thought about using sidewalk chalk to promote active play? Try these sidewalk chalk games to get kids moving on your driveway, sidewalk, or playground.

Games for Kids to Play Alone
Solo play needn't mean sedentary play. With these active games for kids to play by themselves, kids get some of the physical activity they need every day without having to find a play partner. Suggest these games for kids to play alone when your child needs some physical play but has no one to play with.

What Rainy Day Games Are Good Alternatives to TV?
A question for the ages! How can you help kids stay busy and active inside, without wreaking havoc on your home?

Kids' Active Games
Prompt physical play with these games that incorporate both fun and fitness.

Road Trip Games
These easy activities help the whole family stretch their muscles and burn some energy during meal breaks and rest stops.

Kickball for All! Kickball Rules
Kickball gets every player kicking, running, and laughing, regardless of age or ability. It's easy to learn and is perfect for active family play.

Playground Games That Pack a Punch
These 11 playground games offer a prize-winning combination of physical activity and kid appeal (aka FUN).

Kickball Games and Variations
For even more fun with kickball, try these twists on the classic kickball game. They're just as easy and fun to play as the original.

Fun with Swimming Pool Noodles
Swimming pool noodles can stand in for sporting equipment and lots of other gear--but they are lightweight, which makes them safer for kids to play with or use indoors.

Hula Hoop Games and Activities
Go beyond the classic hip-spin with these hula hoop games. You'll find games to play solo and with groups, indoors and out.

How to Set Up a Treasure Hunt Game
Kids are guaranteed to move, and giggle, when you send them on a search for clues in a treasure hunt game. Try it for a party, special occasion, or just a rainy day. Older kids can even be enlisted to set up a treasure hunt game for littler siblings or cousins.

Turn Outdoor Games into Indoor Games for Kids
Motivate kids to play actively inside--and build sports skills while you're at it.

Night Games with Flashlights
Keep kids active into the night with these flashlight games (for indoors and out). Try them while camping, at slumber parties or just at home with the family.

Liven Up a Hike or Stroll With Walking Games
Keep whines away during a hike or walk with kids by playing walking games. These easy activities help children pass the time when you are taking a family hike or simply walking to school or the playground.

Soccer-Inspired Games for Kids
Soccer pro and mom of two Kristine Lilly shares how-tos for four fun games that build soccer skills and promote active play too.

Play Capture the Flag
Capture the flag is a favorite backyard and summer camp game that offers a good mix of fitness and fun outdoors

How to Play Stop and Go
Stop and Go is an outdoor ball game for kids that resembles Ultimate Frisbee (which in turn is a takeoff on American football). In Stop and Go, each team tries to get the ball to their goal line while also preventing the opposing team from doing the same.

Play the 7-Up Ball Game
Parents and grandparents may remember this one from childhood. To play the 7-Up game, all you need is a smooth, flat surface (a wall or a floor) and a bouncy ball, such as a tennis ball. You can even play 7-Up inside. Best of all, kids can play the 7-Up game alone—no need to recruit an opponent or teammate.

How to Play Sock Tag
This type of tag is fun for a group, doesn't require much equipment, and gets everyone running. For a variation, try Dragon's Tail tag.

Skill-Building Art Activities for Kids
Art activities for kids don't have to be sedentary affairs. Some art activities lend themselves to large motor skill-building. Readers share their favorite art activities for kids (that also encourage physical activity).See submissions

Holiday Party Games for Kids of All Ages

If you're hosting a party this winter, be prepared with these ideas for fun, active holiday party games and activities. They're easily adapted to work with your style, your space, your party's theme, and the number and ages of guests and players.

Play an Indoor Soccer Party Game
Did your soccer party get rained out? Keep this game in mind for any indoor party, especially a soccer party theme or a winter or holiday party. If it's a winter party, call it "Snowball Soccer"!

How to Play Pirates' Treasure
Pirates' Treasure is a variation on Capture the Flag that swaps beanbag "treasure" for colorful flags. The Pirates' Treasure game gets kids running, jumping, and throwing as they try to grab all the treasure for their own team.

Play a Gift Stacking Game
A classic gift stacking game is fun for mixed-age groups, can be played indoors or out, and works for birthday and holiday parties--any event with wrapped gifts.

Valentine's Day Games and Activities
Roses are red, violets are blue; try these Valentine's Day party games that get hearts pumping too!

Play a Life-Size Dreidel Game
For a new spin on an ancient classic, play with a life-size, human "dreidel"!

How to Play Gaga Ball
Do you know gaga? This fun game has nothing to do with baby talk--it's a version of dodgeball played in a circular arena called a gaga pit.

Active Easter Party Games and Activities
Having an Easter party? Egg guests on with these active games starring bunnies, colored eggs, and more.

Ideas for Kids Holiday Games
To make your winter holiday parties fun and active, try these kids' holiday games. Don't see your favorite? Tell us about it!

Swimming Pool Games
Keep kids splashing with organized pool games suggested by Mat Luebbers, About.com Guide to Swimming.

Relay Race Ideas from Parents
Share your opinion: What relay race is the most fun or funny? Is your favorite on our list? If not, tell us what it is.

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