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Play an Indoor Soccer Party Game


Updated March 05, 2013

Did your soccer party get rained out? Keep this game in mind for any indoor party, especially a soccer party theme or a winter or holiday party. If it's a winter party, call it "Snowball Soccer"!
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 15-20 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Make the soccer balls: Just crumple up some plain paper; you can also use wrapping paper from birthday or holiday gifts. For "snowball soccer," you'll want to use white paper. Make two or three balls for every player.
  2. Designate goals. You can use a real, undersized net if you have one; set up a large box on its side; or mark off a space with tape or cones.
  3. Divide players into two teams. You can also make more teams--just add more goals. Or have kids play as individuals, tournament-style.
  4. Scatter the balls around the floor or yard, with the goals at either end of the playing area.
  5. Play! The object is simple: Players must get as many balls into their own goal as possible, without using their hands. Play until all the balls are in the goals, or set a time limit.


  1. If players are fighting over the last few balls, incorporate a time limit with an element of surprise. Stop the timer when there are two or three balls left.
  2. Determine in advance if you'll enforce a penalty for players who touch the ball with their hands. This could be a brief timeout, sitting out the rest of the match, or performing a physical activity like jumping jacks or knee raises.
  3. Variation: Instead of crumpled paper balls, use balloons (white ones for winter/holiday parties, colored ones for other themes).

What You Need

  • White paper (or balloons) to make soccer balls
  • Supplies for goals: cardboard boxes, painter's tape, small traffic cones, etc.
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