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Hoops for Heart


Updated February 15, 2012

Event: Hoops for Heart

Date: Often in February, but can be any time during the school year

Location: Elementary and middle schools

Organizer: American Heart Association and American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD)

What to do: Physical education teachers and coaches organize these events at their schools. Kids participate basketball-related skills and games on a designated day (before, during, or after school) and can raise funds for the American Heart Association as part of this effort. (Jump Rope for Heart is a related event in which kids jump rope instead of playing basketball.)

If your school is not participating, you can pass on the information to the principal or phys. ed. teacher and make a request. Or, help your child learn some basketball skills and some basic lifestyle habits that keep hearts, lungs, and bodies healthy.

For more information: Hoops for Heart site

See the family fitness calendar of events.

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