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Super Fun Snow Toys

Speed downhill or stockpile snowballs with these cool snow toys for cold days.


Updated December 05, 2013

Kids can't resist snow! It's the perfect reason to get outside and play, and snow toys keep kids busy and active despite the chill. These snow toys make the white stuff more wonderful, so bundle up and enjoy.

Zipfy Freestyle Mini Luge

Zipfy freestyle mini luge sled
Even grownups can get in on the fun of this cool little sled. It's small, light (3.5 pounds) and easy to carry uphill, but still gives great speed. Hang on to the steering stick to really control your ride. Safe for age five and up (up to 250 pounds).
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Snow Seat

Snow seat plastic sled with handle
Leaps and Bounds
This simple sled looks like a shovel with a short, flexible handle. Kids can grab on while they're sledding to help steer, and also use the handle to ferry the sled back up the hill. It only weighs a pound and sells for as little as $5.
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Ultimate Flyer Wooden Sled

Ultimate Flyer sled Mountain Boy Sledworks handmade wooden sled
Mountain Boy Sledworks
If you want to invest in a family heirloom you can actually use, this handmade wooden sled fits the bill. It's made from thick birch planks (beautiful to look at) with plastic skids on the bottom (for great turning and tracking in the snow).
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Sand Toys

Beach Builder Create-a-Castle sand and snow toy
International Playthings
Don't let sand toys languish inside all winter. They make great snow toys too! This set includes large and small brick molds and holders, plus a shovel; but any sand toys or molds you have in stock will do the job.
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Sno Friends Snow Sculpture Tool Kit

Sno Friends Snow Sculpture Tool Kit from HearthSong
This cute kit from HearthSong offers tools, molds, and instructions to help kids think beyond the snowman and create snow penguins, snow robots, and more.
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Sno-baller and Snow-Block Maker Snow Toys

Snow-baller and snow-block maker
LL Bean
Keep hands (just a little) less wet and snowy with these snow toys for busy builders. Kids can make perfect blocks for snow forts with the brick-shaped mold, and then create a secret stash of snowballs using the tong-style ball-maker.
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Sportsstuff Inflatable Sleds

Sportsstuff Gizmo snowmobile sled

Whiz down the sledding hill on these cool inflatables. They're made of heavy-duty PVC and feature grab handles and extreme-sports styling (faux snowmobile anyone?).

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Little Red Kick Sled

Magic Cabin Little Red Kick Sled
Magic Cabin
Imagine running your errands or going to school by sled! This foot-powered, Finnish sled has a seat that can be used for a friend or for cargo. Its runners work equally well on ice and snow.
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