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Way Cool Water Toys

Keep kids busy and active on hot summer days with these cool water toys.


Updated July 24, 2014

Kids and water are always an energetic combination; add water toys and pool games and the activity level kicks up an extra notch. Whether you have a pool, lake, beach, or just a garden hose, try one of these cool water toys to make hot summer days more fun.

1. Little Tikes Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler

Little Tikes Beach Ball Sprinkler water toy
Little Tikes

Instead of running under the sprinkler, roll with it! Just inflate the ball and attach it to a garden hose; water sprays from four nozzles on the ball. Kids can push and chase the ball around the yard, or you can keep it stationary with a water-filled pouch that acts as a weight.

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2. Raskullz Swim Masks

Raskullz Sharky swim mask
C-Preme Ltd.

Raskullz, maker of the coolest bike and sports helmets around (compare prices) also has a line of fun swim masks, goggles, and even body boards featuring their signature eye-catching graphics.

3. Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship Water Table

Little Tikes Anchors Away Pirate Ship water table
Little Tikes

This sturdy, themed water table lets kids pour water into the crows' nest to make water wheels spin. There's also a squirting water cannon, and the table comes with scoops, a bucket, and floating toys (such as pirate figures and a shark). For a less expensive water table option, consider the Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark (compare prices).

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4. Swimways Splunk-a-Dunk

Swimways Splunk-a-Dunk

Everyone gets wet (really wet) with this game that connects to your backyard hose. Toss the beanbags (three are included) at the target. If you land one, you'll set off the sprayer and soak your friends!

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5. Water Sports Water Tag Game

Water Sports Water Tag set

Swap (laser) beams for (water) streams and you'll get the idea of this all-wet version of laser tag. The Water Tag set includes two adjustable vests and two water blasters (with a 70-foot range!). The goal: fill up the water gauge on your opponent's vest before your own gauge maxes out.

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6. Swimways Flood Force Water Cannon

Swimways Flood Force Water Cannon

Keep this super-squirting cannon in the pool or lake for a continuous flow of water--your opponents never catch a break! Or you can cap the reservoir to take the cannon out on dry land for more H2O attack action.

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7. Plui Balls

Plui rain balls from Moluk
Ready for some rain? This deceptively simple water toy is ready to deliver. Immerse the Plui ball in water, cover the nozzle, then uncover when you're ready for a rainshower! Works in the bathtub or outside in a pool or large bucket.
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8. Mindwalk Splashy Dasher

Splashy Dasher pool toy

Sure, dive sticks and hoops are fun, but how about diving for a moving target? Splashy Dashers spin, flip, and race all over the pool as kids give chase. Choose froggy, mermaid, lightning bug, dolphin or many others.

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9. Prime Time Toys Blaster Board Liquidator

Prime Time Toys Blaster Board Liquidator water toy
Prime Time Toys

This innocent-looking kickboard has a strategic surprise: It's also a super-soaking squirt toy that can blast water up to 30 feet away. Use it as a float, a shield, or a secret weapon!

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