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Find Your Mom Fitness Match

When you're a mom, fitness time is hard to find. Make it count!


Updated December 22, 2012

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Find mom fitness time on the run

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Before kids, you can try lots of different kinds of workouts, and spend time pursuing your favorites. But as a parent, you need exercise that's meaningful and effective--something that's really worth your limited time. Consider these options for the best mom fitness routines.

Mom Fitness That's Efficient

These workouts are ideal for parents because they burn a lot of calories and work a lot of muscle groups in a short amount of time. If you can only work out for 20 minutes a day, make it count!

Mom Fitness That's Family-Friendly

Not every workout can be a solo affair. With these exercise routines, kids can join in or at least tag along.

Mom Fitness That's Relaxing

Here's another way to multitask: Make your mom fitness time your "me time" too. Try workouts that get you in the zone--the blissed-out, deep-breathing, Calgon-took-me-away zone.

Mom Fitness That You Can Do At Home

Whether you're trapped at home by weather, limited daylight, or a sleeping baby, you can still get in a workout that does your body good.

Mom Fitness That's Inexpensive

It's not only your time that's constrained when you're a parent. Your budget takes a hit too. These workouts can be less costly than joining a gym or investing in equipment for your home.

  • Walking or running
  • Workout DVDs
  • Hiking or snowshoeing
  • Jumping rope
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