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Encourage fitness and physical play by providing children with the right gear. Topics include safety equipment, indoor and outdoor toys that promote physical play, and technology that motivates kids to move.
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Should You Buy a Wii?
It can combine active play with video gaming, and lets you play tons of family-friendly games. Is this console right for you?

Fun Pedometer Activities for Kids
Get more mileage out of your average pedometer with these games good for kids and families.

Product Review - Nintendo Wii Fit Plus Review
Review of Nintendo Wii Fit Plus, the enhanced, updated version of the megapopular Nintendo Wii Fit game for the Nintendo Wii system.

Exergames for Parents and Families
If you have a Wii, you've likely played Wii Sports and probably Wii Fit too. But these exergames are just the tip of the iceberg. Share your thoughts about these and other exergames for the Wii and other platforms, or find ideas for your next purchase.See submissions

Health and Fitness Books for Kids
When is a book an active toy? When it's a health and fitness book written just for kids. Try these top titles.

Save Money on Kids Sports Equipment
The costs of kids' sports equipment can pile up quickly, especially for certain sports. Find 8 ways to cut back on this expense.

Ice Skate Sharpening Tips
If your child figure skates or plays ice hockey, be ready for the winter sports season with freshly sharpened skate blades. Find out how often skates need to be sharpened.

Homemade Kids' Fitness Equipment
Use recyclables and household items to make your own kids fitness equipment. These low- to no-cost active toys are simple to create and fun to play with.

Just Dance 2 for Nintendo Wii
Just Dance 2 gets everyone in your family up and dancing, with songs and dance steps that will appeal to a wide range of tastes. While Just Dance 2 doesn't include a lot of the fitness components you'd expect from an exergame, the choreography and visuals will get your body moving and your heart pounding.

Product Review - WingFlyer Z150
The WingFlyer Z150 is a clever new ride-on that combines features of scooters, bicycles, and even elliptical trainers. It's suitable for kids, teens, and most adults and provides a fun, low-impact, and challenging workout.

What Is a Balance Bike?
Find out more about balance or running bikes, a different way to teach kids to ride. They learn balance and steering first, before pedaling.

Homemade Fitness Equipment and Toys for Families
Use everyday household items to make inexpensive or free fitness equipment for kids an adults. Suggests simple ways to make fitness equipment and ways to use it.

Zumba for Kids
Children clamoring to get in on the dance fitness party? There are a bunch of options for Zumba for kids!

Product Review - Coursing Around Activity Book
Product review of Coursing Around, a book of outdoor activity courses for kids age 4 and up created with sidewalk chalk. Coursing Around was created by Debbie Tougas, a mother and fitness instructor in California.

Spring Is Bike Tune-Up Time
If your family's bicycles have been in storage all winter, you should tune up each bike for spring. Your local bike shop will do this for you for $35 to $60, or you can do it yourself following this checklist.

Poll: Are Mini-Treadmills the Answer?
What do you think of the idea of kids doing adult-style workouts on kid-sized gym equipment?

Playground Equipment: Swingsets, Slides, and Climbers
Keep little kids active in your own backyard with a playset. Find reviews and price comparisons for swings, slides, and climbers for toddlers and preschoolers.

Find the Best Bicycle for Your Child
About.com Bicycling Guide David Fiedler offers advice for scouting out a high-quality, less expensive bike for your child.

Camping and Hiking Gear
Ready for some back-to-nature family fun? Check these camping and hiking checklists and equipment guides to prepare for your next outdoor adventure.

Product Review - Nintendo Wii Fit
Review of the megapopular Nintendo Wii Fit game for the Nintendo Wii system.

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