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ProWash Activewear Detergent

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Updated March 06, 2009

ProWash activewear detergent
Dry, Inc.

The Bottom Line

If your laundry room is stacked with stinky piles of sweaty workout clothes, ProWash might be the solution for you.
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  • Removes sweaty odors
  • Protects specialty activewear fabrics
  • Lightweight pouch packaging saves energy
  • Phosphate-free


  • Measurement system a little confusing
  • Means keeping an extra product in your laundry room


  • Laundry detergent especially designed for fitness clothing
  • Removes embedded odors
  • Works in regular and high-efficiency washers
  • Safe for cotton, polyester, wool, fleece, and specialty fabrics (CoolMax®, Spandex, Under Armour®, etc.)
  • Available online or at select Wal-Mart, Harris Teeter, Menards stores and other retailers

Guide Review - ProWash Activewear Detergent

Several years ago I tried Bikram yoga for the first time (it is a rigorous class done in an room heated to over 100 degrees F). It redefined the word "sweat." The leotards and shorts I wore got so smelly (in spite of repeated washing and soaking) that I wished someone would invent disposable workout clothes.

It turns out someone did invent special activewear detergent, which serves the same purpose but is much more Earth-friendly. ProWash is designed to remove embedded odors from fabric, especially the high-tech wicking fabrics found in workout clothes.

ProWash comes in a lightweight pouch, which uses far less plastic than a rigid bottle and also saves warehouse and landfill space, plus the energy used to transport it. The pouch comes with a measuring cup and also a dispensing window on the side of the package. I found it a little confusing to determine just how much liquid I should use, especially on small loads.

Still, the loads I tested came out smelling clean. I even tried ProWash on my potty-trainer's soaked cotton underwear, and it worked well. So far, my stretchy Spandex fabrics have held up after repeated washings too.

I no longer make it to many Bikram classes, but my family definitely generates some sweaty clothes. It's nice to have another tool in my laundry arsenal to combat the stink.

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