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ProWash Activewear Detergent

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ProWash activewear detergent Dry, Inc.

The Bottom Line

If your laundry room is stacked with stinky piles of sweaty workout clothes, ProWash might be the solution for you.
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  • Removes sweaty odors
  • Protects specialty activewear fabrics
  • Lightweight pouch packaging saves energy
  • Phosphate-free


  • Measurement system a little confusing
  • Means keeping an extra product in your laundry room


  • Laundry detergent especially designed for fitness clothing
  • Removes embedded odors
  • Works in regular and high-efficiency washers
  • Safe for cotton, polyester, wool, fleece, and specialty fabrics (CoolMax®, Spandex, Under Armour®, etc.)
  • Available online or at select Wal-Mart, Harris Teeter, Menards stores and other retailers

Guide Review - ProWash Activewear Detergent

Several years ago I tried Bikram yoga for the first time (it is a rigorous class done in an room heated to over 100 degrees F). It redefined the word "sweat." The leotards and shorts I wore got so smelly (in spite of repeated washing and soaking) that I wished someone would invent disposable workout clothes.

It turns out someone did invent special activewear detergent, which serves the same purpose but is much more Earth-friendly. ProWash is designed to remove embedded odors from fabric, especially the high-tech wicking fabrics found in workout clothes.

ProWash comes in a lightweight pouch, which uses far less plastic than a rigid bottle and also saves warehouse and landfill space, plus the energy used to transport it. The pouch comes with a measuring cup and also a dispensing window on the side of the package. I found it a little confusing to determine just how much liquid I should use, especially on small loads.

Still, the loads I tested came out smelling clean. I even tried ProWash on my potty-trainer's soaked cotton underwear, and it worked well. So far, my stretchy Spandex fabrics have held up after repeated washings too.

I no longer make it to many Bikram classes, but my family definitely generates some sweaty clothes. It's nice to have another tool in my laundry arsenal to combat the stink.

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