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Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD

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Updated July 07, 2010

Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD

The Bottom Line

As someone with an intermediate to advanced yoga practice, I enjoyed this DVD and think it's a good substitute for those days when I am unable to attend a class. I'll always prefer taking class from a teacher in person, but this DVD offers challenging poses and the ability to customize my workout based on the time available and the type of practice I need that day.
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  • Ability to customize workout by length and style
  • Option to turn instruction on or off
  • Challenging practice--lots of interesting, unusual poses


  • Spiritual messages won't appeal to everyone
  • Not recommended for beginners
  • Verbal cues aren't always sufficient


  • Seven 20-minute practices: Earth, Shanti, Heart-Air, Fire & Water, Water, Fire, Chakra Namaskar
  • Five extra segments (five to seven minutes each): Solar Meditation, Lunar Meditation, Core, Forward Bends, Savasana
  • Six pre-set practices combining various segments
  • Yoga matrix: ability to make your own custom practices

Guide Review - Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD

For me, doing yoga with a DVD is a poor substitute for taking a class with a real, live teacher and fellow students. In the class, I can observe the teacher and other students and most importantly, I get real feedback from the instructor if I am having difficulty with a pose.

However, I can really only make it to class about twice a week. In order to really improve my yoga practice, along with my strength, flexibility, and balance, I'd love to do yoga more frequently. Even every day, which is the idea behind renowned teacher Shiva Rea's DVD, Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga (Acacia). The DVD includes seven 20-minute practices, one for every day of the week. Some are strengthening, some more relaxing; all offer a challenging workout in the vinyasa style.

Six pre-set practices are available, combining the 20-minute sessions with extra segments such as a solar mediation. You can also create your own combinations using the yoga matrix. It's simple to do using your DVD player's remote.

I reviewed the DVD with three other women, all of whom have several years' experience practicing yoga. Some poses were unfamiliar to us, which we liked, but we agreed that this DVD isn't for beginners. The poses can be difficult and the verbal cues don't always give enough detail.

If you enjoy the more spiritual aspects of yoga, this DVD is a good match for you. If you prefer less "embrace the Earth" and more "tighten your abs," you may roll your eyes a bit at Rea's commentary. There is an option to turn off the instruction and just hear the music (which, you won't be surprised to learn, tends toward the New Age sound).

Still, I am pleased to have this DVD in my library. It allows me to practice yoga at home, on my own time, and for the length of time of my choosing—ideal for a busy parent.

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