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Family Volunteer Day


Updated August 06, 2014

Event: Family Volunteer Day

Date: The Saturday before Thanksgiving

Location: In the United States

Organizer: Points of Light Foundation

What to do: Join in an existing, family-friendly service opportunity (visit HandsOn Network to find one), or create your own. An added bonus is that so many service projects let your family flex your muscles as well as expanding your hearts and minds. Consider:

  • Park, playground, trail, or nature center: Pick up litter, mend fences, paint benches, or clear brush--whatever is needed.
  • Sports for kids and adults with special needs: Help out at a fundraiser, game, or practice for the Special Olympics, Miracle League, or a local group.
  • Homeless shelter or women's shelter: Paint walls, move furniture, organize donations, do simple repairs, or host a kids' play day.
  • Senior center or veterans' home: Put on a performance or host an activity, such as a dance or Wii tournament.
  • Your neighborhood: Rake leaves, install storm windows, or do other repairs or chores for a housebound or elderly neighbor or military spouse.
  • Animal shelter: Walk dogs, clean cages, play with kittens or rabbits, collect and organize supplies.
  • Local, national, or international causes: Set up a donation drive or fundraiser for a cause related to health and fitness, such as Nike Reuse-a-Shoe, Soccer Without Borders, or Kids Play Int'l.


For more information, or to find a volunteer service project that works for your family: HandsOn Network

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