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Tour de France

Watch this race for the spectactular scenery, and the amazing athletes.


Updated August 07, 2014

Event: Tour de France

Date: Every July; the race lasts about three weeks.

Location: The route changes every year and sometimes includes segments in neighboring countries, but most of the race is in France.

Organizer: Amaury Sport Organisation

What to do: If you and your family like to ride bikes, check out the annual Tour de France bicycle race. You'll find exhaustive coverage on cable sports channels and online, as riders from around the world compete to wear the maillot jaune (yellow jersey) that signifies first place honors. There's a surprising amount of strategy involved in how teams of riders work together. Plus, you can't beat the background scenery: beautiful mountains and villages throughout France, with the finish line on the Champs-Elysees in Paris.

For more information: Tour de France site

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