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Screen-Free Week

Limit screen time during spring turnoff week.


Updated August 24, 2013

Event: Screen-Free Week (formerly known as TV Turnoff Week or just Turnoff Week)

Date: April or May (next: May 5-11, 2014)

Location: Your home

Organizer: Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood

What to do: Turn off, or reduce the use of, entertainment screens including televisions, handheld video games, laptops, tablet computers, and smartphones. The goal is not to banish screens from your home forever, but to unplug and see how it feels and works to find other, more active things to do instead. You might then use this week to kick off some new screen time rules or habits that will help lower your family's daily intake of television and other media (and swap in more activity instead).

For more information: Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood Screen-Free Week site.

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