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Winter Trails Day


Updated September 18, 2013

Event: Winter Trails Day

Date: Early January (next: January 11, 2014).

Location: About 100 resorts, public parks, and Nordic centers across the U.S.

Organizer: Industry groups including the National Ski Areas Association, Professional Ski Instructors of America, Snowsports Industries America, National Ski Patrol; equipment manufacturers; ski- and snowboard-related media

What to do: At a Winter Trails Day event, you'll have the opportunity to try snowshoeing and cross-country skiing via demonstrations, free equipment rentals, free or reduced-rate lessons, guided tours, and free trail fees and passes. These snow sports are very easy to learn and very rewarding for kids and adults.

If there are no events in your area, use one of these trail finders to locate a park, nature center, or trail that offers snowshoeing. Some have snowshoes you can rent.

For more information: Winter Trails Day site

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