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Holiday Party Games for Kids of All Ages

Make your fiesta even more festive with fun holiday party games.


Updated May 22, 2014

Pass the Ornament

Turn a kids' party classic, Hot Potato, into a holiday party game by swapping the "potato" for a Christmas tree ornament. Winner gets to take it home--or has the honor of hanging it on the tree.

12 Games for 12 Days of Christmas

You could plan an entire party around the "12 Days" song—just think of the potential for decorations, crafts, and food, not to mention these 12 game suggestions.

Santa Says

Give Simon a Santa hat and play "Santa Says" (tell Santa that silly commands are the best kind). Or try another classic party game and adapt to a holiday theme. For example, play holiday music during Musical Chairs, or call the chairs "Santa's sleigh."

Trim a Tree

Give young guests their own tree to decorate. It could be indoors, outdoors, real, artificial, or even drawn on a large piece of paper and hung on a wall. Supply simple, durable ornaments or have kids create their own with basic art supplies.

Craft a Holiday Creation

Simple crafts for Christmas and Hanukkah are a great way to engage children at your holiday party. It's even better if you have a few teens or adults who can serve as helpers and cheerleaders.

Holiday Party Games and Seasonal Activities for Teens

Tempt even jaded teens with these holiday activities to do with friends or family.

Santa Trackers

Find out where the jolly old elf is and how soon he'll be coming your way; plus more ideas for online games and printable activities.

And don't miss a wealth of holiday tips, ideas, stories, and more, from across About.com Parenting, in the Holiday Survival Guide.

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