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Winter Activities for Family Fun and Fitness


Cold weather and holiday obligations don't have to limit your family's fitness and fun. Take advantage of the winter season's specialties to add activity, and enjoyment, to chilly days and nights.
  1. Outdoor Activities and Winter Sports
  2. Active Indoor Play
  3. Holiday Celebrations
  4. Winter Health and Safety

Outdoor Activities and Winter Sports

Two boys playing in the snow

When cold, snowy, icy weather comes your way, resist the urge to hide inside! Winter offers lots of opportunities for fun family fitness, so pull on those mittens and get outdoors. Try a winter sport, build a snowman, or take a walk in the wintry woods.

Active Indoor Play

Homemade indoor soccer with bed sheet

Even the most intrepid adventurers will have to spend some winter days indoors. But you can still encourage kids to get some physical fitness. Keep sedentary activity to a minimum with these ideas, games, and guidelines.

Holiday Celebrations

Family cutting down Christmas tree

For most families, life turns even topsy-turvier than usual during November and December, as we squeeze extra entertaining, baking, shopping, errands, concerts, and parties into our already busy schedules. Find opportunities for active play and fitness even in the face of all this festivity.

Winter Health and Safety

Parent and child shoveling snow

While it's important for your family to stay physically active during the winter, the colder months (and some winter sports) also mean special health and safety precautions. Don't forget the sunscreen, even when it's chilly outside--bright, white snow reflects the sun's rays.

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