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Get Out and Play!

Choose the best family destination to get out and get moving.


Updated August 30, 2013

Get out and fly a kite!

Get out and fly a kite!


Got an afternoon to spend together? Plan a family outing that offers plenty of physical activity. These get-out, get-going destinations work for staycations and rainy days; as a reward for a job well done or a friendly competition, or as a way to celebrate someone's birthday or another special event. But you don't need any particular reason to get out and play together. Go have fun!

Indoor Play Venues

Weather can keep you indoors, but it doesn't have to keep you cooped up. These play spaces let kids run wild—or at least get moving more than they can at home.

  • indoor pool or water park
  • gym or sports facility, like an indoor tennis center
  • community center, like the YMCA
  • hotel with pool (buy a day pass)
  • ice rink
  • roller rink
  • climbing wall
  • bowling alley
  • inflatables play space
  • kids' gym (like Little Gym or Gymboree)
  • indoor trampoline park
  • racquet club
  • laser tag arcade
  • martial arts dojo

Outdoor Play Venues

These options are perfect for fresh-air fun and fitness.

  • park or nature preserve
  • playground
  • biking or walking trail
  • basketball court
  • pool or water park
  • lake, pond, or stream
  • beach
  • batting cages
  • mini golf course
  • skate park
  • soccer field
  • tennis courts
  • paintball field
  • snow tubing hill or ski slope
  • barn or ranch for horseback riding

Play Day Packing Lists

Simplify planning and prep with these checklists.

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