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Family Fitness: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
11 Fun Relay Races for Your Next Family Event
Relay races are a great way to entertain a group of kids, indoors or out, with little to no advance prep. Plus they're adaptable to all kinds of party themes.
Gross Motor Skills for Preschoolers
Gross motor skills: for preschoolers, learning them is an important part of healthy development. Try these fun physical activities to help build your child's skills (and muscles).
Healthy Half-Time Snacks
Learn the best healthy half-time snacks for kids, plus what to serve before and after a game to give young athletes the nutrients they need.
Easter Party Games that Get Kids Hopping
Make your holiday an active one with Easter party games that get guests hopping, hunting, rolling, relaying, and more. Here's how to egg them on.
Best Ride-On Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Find adorable ride-on toys for little kids, from scooters to buggies to balance bikes.
How to Set Up a Treasure Hunt Game
Try setting up a treasure hunt game for a birthday party, special occasion (first or last day of school, for example), or just a rainy day. Older kids can also set up a treasure hunt for littler siblings or cousins.
The Best Sports for Kids
Looking for the best sports for kids? Joining a team encourages your child to be active, practice teamwork, and learn new skills.
Locomotor Skills
: Locomotor skills are a category of motor skills. They are a group of movements in which the feet move
First Lady Michelle Obama: Quotes on Child...
These Michelle Obama quotes come from the First Lady's frequent speeches on behalf of Let's Move, her campaign to eliminate childhood obesity.
Simple Kids' Stretching Exercises
Kids may be naturally flexible, but they still benefit from stretching. Try this simple series of kids' stretching exercises after a sports practice or extended play session (just make sure muscles are warmed up first).
12 Rainy Day Activities
Bad weather doesn't have to mean boredom. Try these rainy day activities that encourage physical fitness and play; suitable for children of all ages.
Active, Indoor Party Games for Birthdays and More
Indoor party games that get kids moving are a boon for guests, hosts, and guests' parents too! These indoor party games require little to no equipment, just a little space and a lot of enthusiasm.
Couch-to-5K Program App: Ease Into 5K
If you're ready to make the move from walking to running, but want a coach you can take along with you,
22 Playful, Physical Outdoor Activities for Kids
Outdoor activities for kids keep them busy and burning energy for hours. Try these 22 different suggestions for exercise and play outside.
Party Games that Get Kids Moving
Help kids burn off energy and excitement with party games that keep them active. These games work for birthdays and other events, indoors and out.
Active Play for Kids with Casts
For kids with casts, sedentary play and even screen time can get old fast. With your doctor's OK, try these activities that allow for a little exercise, even with an arm or leg in a cast.
Play the 7-Up Game
To play the 7-Up game, all you need is a smooth, flat surface and a bouncy ball, such as a tennis ball. Kids can even play 7-Up game alone.
Active, Outdoor Party Games
Keep guests busy at your next kids' birthday party: Turn them loose outside, then gather them for these active, outdoor party games.
Hula Hoop Games and Activities
Find 9 hula hoop games, from the classic spinning challenge to other innovative ways to use the hoop both alone and with a group.
How to Play Capture the Flag
The classic game of Capture the Flag is a favorite at summer camps and in backyards. You need two to four teams of any size, and a different colored cloth to serve as a flag for each team.
Kickball Games and Variations
When ordinary kickball games get boring, try an extra-ordinary variation. Kickball is easy to learn and play and so are these alternatives. All you need is a ball and some willing participants.
10 Lifestyle Changes to Make Today for Kids'...
These 10 tips for kids' weight loss includes ways for parents to help overweight kids lose weight, improve nutrition and increase amount of physical activity. Recommends steps to encourage children to enjoy fitness and change a sedentary lifestyle.
Gross Motor Skills Development Timeline
A gross motor skills development timeline tells you when you can expect your child to crawl, walk, and run, and how to help build large motor skills and muscles.
How to Help Sports Kids Deal with Disappointment
Dealing with disappointment in sports is an opportunity for kids to learn character traits like resilience, determination, and good sportsmanship.
Riding Toys for Kids, Tweens, and Teens
Find exciting riding toys for kids and tweens, from the latest Razor scooter to helmet covers that make safety more fun.
What to Pack in Your Pool Bag
Use this swimming pool checklist to keep your pool bag stocked with essentials and ready for a trip to the pool at a moment's notice.
What to Do on Rainy Days
Grab some galoshes and get outside. There's lots you can do to play outdoors even on a rainy day. These ideas will get you started.
Top Outdoor Toys for Active Play
Outdoor toys keep kids busy and active on long summer days. Try these top picks for this summer's best outdoor toys.
Is Wat-aah! Water Worth It? Read a Review
Review and taste test of Wat-Aah! premium water designed especially for kids, with no artificial flavors and packaged in a BPA-free plastic bottle.
Help Your Child Cope with Sports Anxiety
Call it game-day jitters or butterflies in the stomach--but sports anxiety isn't just for pros, or adults. Kids and teens can feel it too. Here's how to help kids who are worried about a sporting event, performance, or game.
Liven Up a Hike or Stroll With Walking Games
Walking games are the best way to keep whines at bay during a hike or walk. Try these simple activities to help children pass the time on a family hike or when you walk to school or the playground.
How Kids Master Manipulative Skills
Learn what manipulative skills are in relation to the body. Read about the different types and what they are able to do.
Is your kid too young for competitive sports?
Competitive sports teams hold lots of appeal for kids, but is yours ready to take on the challenge? Ask yourself these questions before you sign up.
Rainy Day Activities for Teens and Tweens
It's a challenge to find non-sedentary rainy day activities for teens and tweens. After all, they can no longer run and jump indoors like they did as toddlers (at least not without causing a big ruckus). Try these more practical rainy day activities to get teens moving inside.
Just Add Water: 8 All-Wet Water Play Ideas
Motivate kids to get moving with water play, water games, and water activities that require little to no equipment or set-up. Play in the backyard with a garden hose or wash the car. Visit a local fountain or creek.
What Do Parents Need to Know About Kids'...
Make kids' stretching a part of their regular, active routine. Just like adults, kids need to stretch their muscles - after sports or active play and specially during growth spurts.
Health and Fitness Books for Kids
Reading a book doesn't have to mean sitting still. These health and fitness books for kids inspire active play and movement, and teach kids about how to live healthfully.
Games for Kids to Play Alone
With these active games for kids to play alone, kids get some of the physical activity they need every day without having to find a play partner.
Aerobic Exercise
: "Aerobic" (and "anaerobic" ), in exercise, most correctly refers to the intensity of physical activity,
Cooperative Party Games for Active Kids
Cooperative party games mean everyone plays, but no one loses. These noncompetitive games also help kids gets plenty of physical activity.
Fitness and Physical Activities for School-Aged...
Get the latest facts and recommendations on physical activities and fitness for school-age children, both at home and at school. Find suggestions for sports and other physical activities, plus ways to encourage physical play and movement every day.
Does Your Preschooler Get Enough Exercise?
What kind of physical activity for preschoolers is most fun and effective? Find suggestions for active, healthy, skill-building play for little kids.
Get Up and Go! Here's How to Get All the Kids...
Starting a kids' running club is easy and very inexpensive, plus you can join in on the exercise yourself. Talk to other parents at your child's school and work together to start a club.
Youth Sports Profile: Baseball and Softball
Baseball and its close cousin softball are all-American classics and enjoyed by thousands of kids. Is your child eager to play Little League or join another youth baseball team? Find out more about this sport.
How Can I Turn Outdoor Games into Indoor Games...
These simple, fun, safe ideas help transform outdoor play into indoor games for kids! Boost physical activity and help kids practice sports skills too.
Get Crafty: Large Motor Skills Activities...
Got a child who'd rather draw pictures or string beads than play outside any day? While those fine motor skills activities are good for his brain and body, he needs large motor skills activities too (projects that get him really moving his arms, legs, and trunk). The good news is that you can use his creative passion to inspire active, muscle-building play. Try one of these projects that stretch both creative and large motor skills.
Active Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers
These active toys for toddlers and preschoolers encourage physical activity and movement. Many can be used indoors or outdoors and most appeal to both girls and boys.
What Is the Best Way to Teach My Child How to...
Ready to teach your child how to ride a bike? Start by choosing from one of three popular methods: training wheels, an undersized balance bike, or a full-sized bike with a parent running alongside.
18 Active Toys - On the Cheap
Stuff your child's stocking (or stock a birthday party goody bag) with an inexpensive active toy--like these small, low-cost goodies that promote exercise, fitness, and physical activity for kids of all ages.
Best Balls for Kids
Playing with balls helps kids build motor skills, plus it's fun. Find out about the best balls for kids at each age and stage, plus games to play with balls.
Youth Sports Profile: Kids Martial Arts
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >It's true that
Sports and Exercise for Children with Physical...
For children with physical disabilities, sports can be a wonderful opportunity to build strength, learn new skills, and be a part of a community of athletes.
The Quickest Way to a Healthier Teen
Teen fitness reduces stress, improves self-esteem, boosts academic performance, and helps kids manage their weight. Help yours get 60 minutes of exercise a day.
Make Fitness Fun for the Whole Family - 10 Top...
It's important for everyone in your family to get plenty of physical activity. But the lure of the couch can be strong. Sometimes, to make fitness fun for everyone, you need to kick it up a notch. Try one of these motivators.
5 Ways to Exercise With Children
Exercise with children by turning playtime into a workout. Learn to modify physical fitness activities for kids so that families can exercise together.
Youth Sports Profile: Kids Swimming
Kids swimming is a great workout and offers both an individual and team experience. Swimming is an important lifelong skill. Find the basics on this popular sport for kids, from costs to risks to finding a swim team or club in your area.
Kids Watching Too Much TV? Set Limits on Screen...
When kids watch too much TV they are at risk for some serious health problems. Try these strategies for your family to adopt a more active lifestyle.
Healthy Snacks for Kids
Make healthy snacks for kids a priority--they're a big part of your child's daily diet. Use snacks to fuel his body without unnecessary sugar or fat.
Active Play: 5 Fun Activities to Do With Your...
Families can encourage and enjoy active play with these simple activities. Most cost little to nothing and can be done indoors or outside.
Homemade Fitness Equipment and Active Toys
Use everyday household items to make inexpensive or free homemade fitness equipment for kids an adults. Suggests simple ways to make fitness equipment and ways to use it.
Fun with Swimming Pool Noodles
Swimming pool noodles are lightweight, inexpensive, and very versatile. Use the for all kinds of indoor and outdoor games and active play.
Best Ways to Keep Kids Hydrated
Find out how much water children should drink daily to stay healthy, as well as which beverages are best for them.
10 Sportsmanship Essentials for Kids
These guidelines for sportsmanship for kids will help your young athlete be a good team player. Every child who is involved in youth sports should be familiar with these 10 basic principles of sportsmanship.
Repetitive Stress Injury, Overuse Injury
: Repetitive stress injury is an injury caused by chronic stress, strain, or overuse on a body part,
Healthy Snacks with Protein
If kids are clamoring for something to eat, fill them up with healthy protein snacks. Foods containing protein are more filling than starches and usually contain more nutrients. Try these ideas for healthy protein snacks.
Help! My Kid's a Quitter
Are you afraid your child is a quitter? It can be tough to hear him say he wants to quit a sports team. But he might actually have a good reason.
Target Heart Rate
: Your target heart rate is 50% to 85% of your maximum heart rate. It is the level at which your heart
Do-It-Yourself Kids' Fitness Equipment
Use recyclables and household items to make your own kids fitness equipment. These low- to no-cost active toys are simple to create and fun to play with.
How to Play Pirates' Treasure
Pirates' Treasure is a variation on Capture the Flag that swaps beanbag "treasure" for colorful flags.
Halloween Games That Keep Kids Moving
These active Halloween games are suitable for all ages and for large or small groups. These fun activities encourage physical activity and fun with a Halloween theme.
Cheap and Easy: Sidewalk Chalk Games for Kids
Sidewalk chalk is inexpensive and kids love it. Try these games and activities to get kids moving on your driveway, sidewalk, or playground.
WingFlyer Z150
The WingFlyer Z150 is a clever new ride-on that combines features of scooters, bicycles, and even elliptical trainers. It's suitable for kids, teens, and most adults and provides a fun, low-impact, and challenging workout.
Healthy Snacks to Go
Be ready for those after-school or in-the-car munchies: Stock up on healthy snacks to go. These packable, portable snacks provide good nutrition and a burst of energy for busy kids and parents.
Outdoor Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Encourage active play with preschool outdoor toys, especially for young children. Help preschoolers enjoy outside play time with safe, fun, age-appropriate outdoor toys.
Fit in Exercise at Home With the 10-10-10 Plan
For many busy parents, the only way to fit in fitness is to exercise at home. Carve out 10 minutes three times a day to exercise at home and you will reap real health benefits.
Create a Healthier Sports Snack Policy
Create or improve sports snacks by asking your child's league to institute a healthy snack policy, or even to ask parents not to bring snacks to share at all.
How You Can Prevent and Treat Childhood Obesity
A diagnosis of childhood obesity can be devastating. But prevention is possible, and so is treatment. And healthier habits benefit the whole family.
Youth Sports Profile: Kids' Gymnastics
For many kids, gymnastics has big appeal: Lots of running, jumping, and cool equipment to play on. Is kids gymnastics the right sport for your child? Get the facts on this youth sport, from how much it costs to how to find a team to what your child might learn.
Kickball for All! Kickball Rules
No matter your age or ability, kickball will get you kicking, running, and laughing. It doesn't matter if you haven't played since you were a kid. Kickball rules are easy to learn and it's a perfect, active family game.
Is It Ever Too Late to Start a New Sport?
Is it ever too late to start a new sport? If your child doesn't choose a sport to specialize in at an early age, can ever succeed? Here's what to know if your child gets a late start in sports.
Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins Crackers
Blue Diamond Nut Thins are tasty rice crackers made a little more nutritious with the addition of healthy fat and protein from almonds, hazelnuts, and pecans.
Help: My Kid Hates Sports!
There are lots of reasons kids don't like sports. Figure out the root of your child's dislike to revive or jump-start his interest in sports.
Active Toys for School-Age Kids
Suggests 12 active toys for school-age children for gifts. These toys encourage physical activity and movement for kids and include indoor/outdoor toys, sports gear, and multi-player games.
Youth Sports Profile: Football
Ready to try kids football (American-style)? Find out if the classic fall sport of football is right for your child and your family. In addition to tackle football, kids can also choose non-contact or flag football.
Youth Sports Profile: Youth Track and Field
Youth track and field appeals to kids because it's based on easy, fun, everyday activities: running, jumping, and throwing! Find out more about youth track and field events, costs, clubs, and training.
How to Check Out a Gym Child Care
Gym child care can be a great way for parents of small children to manage a workout. But not all child care rooms are created alike. Ask questions and observe before you make a commitment or entrust your child to the gym's caregivers.
Best Kids' Toys for Active Play
Whatever occasion you're shopping for--birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, or just for fun--look for a toy that promotes active play. A new game or toy can inspire hours of healthy physical activity.
Youth Sports Profile: Kids' Soccer
Kids' soccer is an ideal team sport for beginners, with lots of potential for learning, fitness, and development. Find the basics on this popular sport, from costs to risks to finding a program in your area.
Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips
Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips are just as tasty as traditional corn chips, but they contain more protein and fiber, plus nutrition-rich quinoa and flax seeds. These chips still contain fat and sodium, but no trans fats.
Easy Stretches for Kids
Help keep little muscles limber and strong with these activities and games that incorporate easy stretches for kids.
Child Obesity: Is Your Child Overweight or Obese?
Defines diagnosis of child obesity. Explains how doctors determine whether children are overweight using BMI (body mass index) and other measurements and tests. Lists lifestyle questions a medical professional may ask to determine whether children are too sedentary or get sufficient physical activity and good nutrition.
How Youth Sports Parents Can Help Kids Thrive
Youth sports parents must balance kids' needs, family needs, finances, schedules, and more. It's worth it for the benefits youth sports provides, but parents need to be involved to help kids realize those advantages.
Show Kids Why Exercise Really Matters
Exercise for kids is important, and it's critical to teach kids about being active early in life. Try these three easy activities together.
Board Games for Kids, with a Healthy Twist
For your next family game night, try one of these board games for kids (and parents). Many of them will get you up and moving, and others teach important lessons about health, fitness, and nutrition. Some do both--and all are fun to play! Read a list of suggested board games for kids.
Can Kids Get in On the Zumba Craze?
Children clamoring to get in on the dance fitness party? There are a bunch of options for Zumba for kids!
Muscle Memory
: Muscle memory is the process of learning and improving motor skills through practice and repetition.
How to Pack Healthy School Lunches
Kids feel better and learn better when they fuel up with a nutritious meal, so healthy school lunches really matter. These guidelines will help you pack one your child will actually eat.
MET or Metabolic Equivalent for Task
: MET stands for Metabolic Equivalent for Task . It is a unit used to compare the working metabolic rate
Snacks with Fruit and Vegetables
Up your family's produce intake by serving fruits and vegetables at snacktime. Try these suggestions for healthy snacks with fruit and vegetable ingredients.
Create a Fitness Challenge with Your Family
To motivate your family to adopt a healthier lifestyle, create a fitness challenge to do together. Find step-by-step instructions for setting up your challenge and achieving your goal.
Getting Started With a Family Fitness Plan
Ready to get more fit and active as a family? Great! Here are the hows, whys, and whens of getting started with a family fitness plan.
EA Sports Active 2 for Nintendo Wii
EA Sports Active 2 corrects the biggest problem I had with its predecessor, EA Sports Active, and adds many new, useful features too. If you like a customizable workout with lots of stat tracking, read my review and check out EA Sports Active 2.
What to Pack for a Day at the Beach
Use this beach packing list to stock your tote bag for a family day trip to the beach. Includes sun safety essentials and fun items too.
Sports Summer Camp Guide
Help your child build skills, strength and confidence in a sports summer camp program. This guide offers suggestions, advice, and resources for choosing a camp and preparing your child to attend.
National Physical Education and Sport Week
Each year, the National Association for Physical Education and Sport develops a theme and a set of activities for teachers and their students to do during National Physical Education and Sport Week.
What to Say to Your Child After a Game or...
Win or lose, boost your child's self-esteem with supportive comments and questions after games, races, and other sporting events.
First Family Fitness: How the Obamas Do It
The Obama fitness routine is legendary. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama family famously make fitness a priority.
What are electrolytes, anyway?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Definition: Electrolytes
Vigorous Physical Activity
: Vigorous physical activity is intense exercise that requires more than 7 METs of effort. During vigorous
Indoor Toys and Games for Active Play
These indoor toys and games, for ages 3 to 8, get children up and moving. They include games, play mats, and even video games.
Sportsmanship: Teach Your Kids About Winning...
With kids starting soccer at 3 and swim team at 5, teaching sportsmanship is more important than ever. Forty million kids are playing youth sports today. This means a greater emphasis on winning, but also offers an opportunity to teach sportsmanship early and often. The best time to instill values is when kids are younger.
: Muscles are the tissues of the body that, when contracted, produce movement. They are made of long
Prevent Youth Sports Injuries and Promote Health
Kids can suffer from many kinds of youth sports injuries, including sprains, broken bones, concussions, and heat stroke. Learn which youth sports cause the most injuries and how to prevent and treat the most common injuries.
: Carbohydrates are the most common source of food energy. Foods composed mainly of starches, sugar,
Youth Sports Profile: Cross Country Running
Races go off-road with cross country running, in which kids compete to run the fastest time on a natural terrain course. Cross country running can be a great fit for kids who like to run and love the outdoors.
Outdoor Play Toys
Keep kids busy in warmer weather with outdoor play toys that encourage lots of physical activity. Selections include preschool outdoor toys, water play toys and ride-on toys.
Are Trampolines Safe?
Kids love them, but are trampolines safe? Find out what pediatricians recommend and what essential safety guidelines to follow.
Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD
Guide review of the an at-home yoga DVD, Shiva Rea's Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD featuring seven 20-minute practices, plus five additional short segments to combine into longer practices.
Sports and Fitness for Kids with Autism
For kids with autism, fitness activities can help improve motor skills, muscle tone, sensory integration, and social development. Find out what kind of physical activities are best for kids and teens on the autism spectrum.
The Bonding Benefits of Family Fitness
Sharing physical play helps create family closeness as well as promoting good health. Learn how and why to play together as a family.
How to Play Sock Tag
Sock tag is a game that's fun for a group, requires little equipment, and really gets kids moving. You can also play a variation called Dragon's Tail Tag.
Youth Sports Profile: Kids' Ice Hockey
The slam-bang sport of kids ice hockey isn't just for boys, or big kids either. Find the basics on this popular youth sport, from costs (yes, they can be high) to risks to finding a program in your area.
Way Cool Water Toys
Keep kids cool, busy, and active on hot summer days with fun water toys. These work in the backyard, pool, lake, or ocean for lots of fun, wet, warm-weather play.
Find Your Mom Fitness Match
Before you have kids, you can try many workouts, and spend time lots of time pursuing your favorites. But once you're a parent, you need exercise that's meaningful and really worth your limited time. Consider these mom fitness options.
Preschool, Daycare and Physical Activity
Choosing a preschool, daycare or other care setting means evaluating a lot of criteria. One of them should be: Does the child care center or school have a physical activity plan for its young children?
Strength Training for Kids
Strength training for kids, when done safely and with supervision, offers many benefits to growing bodies. Find out more about when kids can start strength training and how to make sure they strengthen muscles safely.
Top Toys for Active Families
Make these top toys a part of your family's gift-giving this year. These picks include classic and new games, toys low-tech and high, and gear for outdoors and inside. They appeal to preschoolers, pre-teens, and parents alike.
Ice Skate Sharpening Tips
Ice skate sharpening can be confusing (when? where? how often?), so here's a cheat sheet. If your child figure skates or plays ice hockey, be ready for the winter sports season with sharpened skates.
Teach Sportsmanship with Books
You can teach sportsmanship through role modeling, post-game and practice debriefing, and also through these books that appeal to kids from kindergarten on up to sixth grade. They tell tales of team play, winning, and losing that any child can relate to.
Plyometric Training
: Plyometric training is an intense, advanced form of exercise in which the muscles are first stretched,
How Can Busy Parents Find Time to Work Out?
Try these sneaky strategies to fit in fitness when you swear you have no time to work out. There are ways to increase your daily physical activity without changing your schedule too much.
Body-Mass Index (BMI)
: Body-mass index (BMI) is a person's weight in pounds divided by his height in inches squared, multiplied
Screen-Free Week
During Screen-Free Week, families are encouraged to turn off all kinds of screens in favor of face-to-face and physical activities.
Let's Move: Michelle Obama's Obesity Awareness...
First Lady Michelle Obama's obesity awareness and prevention campaign, Let's Moveis her passion and her mission. For Mrs. Obama, obesity is a crisis, especially for children and families, and one that must be addressed aggressively.
Halloween Candy Limits and Swaps
Halloween candy is OK, in moderation. Try these strategies to keep kids from eating too much candy this year.
When Should Kids Start Swim Lessons?
Children should start swim lessons when they are developmentally ready to learn to swim, although some evidence suggests that earlier swim lessons may help prevent drowning. Water readiness programs for toddlers and preschoolers can help prepare kids for swim lessons when they are older.
Can Kids Take Group Exercise Classes?
Group exercise classes can be a fun way for kids to work out, but when are they old enough to enroll? Learn about options for kids, tweens, and teens.
Puberty, Boys, and Fitness
During puberty, boys may become more athletic thanks to added muscle and height. Even overweight boys may be inspired to exercise more.
The Great Food Race Game
The Great Food Race game prompts a family conversation about healthy eating and the importance of physical activity. Game play is simple to learn for kids five and up. Read a review of The Great Food Race game.
Dietary Fiber
: Dietary fiber is found in plant-based foods—it comes from the skin, stems, seeds, and leaf structures
Youth Sports Profile: Youth Cheerleading
Is your child interested in youth cheerleading? Do you have questions (like, is it a sport)? Find answers in this profile.
Motor Planning, Motor Control, and Motor...
: These three terms describe the inter-related skills necessary to direct and execute movement. Motor
DVD Review: Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts for...
Read a review of Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners, featuring three workouts from trainer Paul Katami. The DVD includes a tutorial and a workout focusing on core strength.
Night Games with Flashlights
Ready for some night games? These flashlight activities are perfect for summer evenings, camping out, and sleepovers. Play many of them indoors or out!
How to Play Stop and Go
In this outdoor ball game, teams try to get the ball to their goal line while also preventing the opposing team from doing the same. Stop and Go is a very active game that is easy to learn.
Girls, Puberty, and Fitness
For tween girls, puberty can be a trying time, whether they develop earlier or later than their peers or right on schedule. Weight gain associated with puberty is normal, but can leave girls worried about their image.
Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred DVD
Guide review of the popular fitness DVD, Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred. Michaels is a celebrity trainer who helps contestants on NBC's The Biggest Loser drop pounds fast. Here she translates those intense sessions into a short workout you can do at home: the 30-Day Shred.
Youth Sports Profile: Basketball
Youth basketball can be played indoors or out, same-sex or coed, pick-up at the park or high-stakes in the gym. It can be fun, and a good workout for kids of all ages and abilities, no matter their height!
: Fats , along with protein and carbohydrates, are a source of food energy ( calories ). They are a combination
Youth Sports Profile: Youth Diving
For daring kids who love the water and acrobatics too, consider youth diving, an elegant sport with a big wow factor.

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