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Low-Carb Snacks

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11 Active Valentine's Day Games for Kids
These Valentine's Day games are good for your heart--because they encourage physical activity. Treat your loved ones!
11 Fun Relay Races for Your Next Family Event
Relay races are a great way to entertain a group of kids, indoors or out, with little to no advance prep. Plus they're adaptable to all kinds of party themes.
Simple Stretching Exercises for Kids
Kids may be naturally flexible, but they still benefit from stretching. Try this simple series of stretches (make sure muscles are warmed up first).
41 Sports That Kids Can Play
Looking for the best sports for kids? Competing encourages your child to be active, practice teamwork, and learn new skills.
19 Activities to Develop Preschoolers' Motor...
For preschoolers, learning gross motor skills is an important part of healthy development. Encourage them with these fun physical activities.
Do the Locomotion: How Little Kids Learn...
Do you know your locomotor skills? These gross motor moves are critical for everyday life, plus sports and fitness. Here's how little ones learn them.
Fun and Active Indoor Party Games for Kids
Indoor party games that get kids moving are a boon for guests and hosts. These require little to no equipment, just some space and enthusiasm.
The Best Active Party Games for Kids
Help kids burn off energy and excitement with active party games. These games work for birthdays and other kids' events, indoors and out.
How Kids Master Manipulative Skills
Manipulative skills are those motor skills that empower kids to push a pencil or a cart, throw a ball or fasten a button, and much more.
Get Your Kids Moving with a Treasure Hunt
Here's how to play a treasure hunt game for a birthday party, special occasion (first or last day of school, for example), or just a rainy day.
9 Ways to Play with a Hula Hoop
Find 9 hula hoop games, from the classic spinning challenge to other innovative ways to use the hoop both alone and with a group.
No Playdate, No Problem: Games Kids Can Play...
With these active games for kids to play alone, kids get some of the physical activity they need every day without having to find a play partner.
When Does Daylight Saving Time End?
Spring forward, fall back: The end of Daylight Saving Time (DST) means shorter hours of sunshine, but less early morning darkness.
10 Top Ride-On Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Find adorable ride-on toys for little kids, from scooters to buggies to balance bikes.
Nature Cat: PBS Show Takes Kids Onward and...
PBS Kids' Nature Cat show encourages young children to explore the natural world, and be active outside, with four fun and furry friends.
12 Activities Kids Can Do on a Rainy Day
Bad weather doesn't have to mean boredom. Try these rainy day activities that encourage physical fitness and play; suitable for children of all ages.
How to Play the 7-Up Game
To play the 7-Up game, all you need is a smooth, flat surface and a bouncy ball, such as a tennis ball. Kids can even play 7-Up game alone.
What Sports Parent Volunteers Really Do
Kids' sports run on volunteer labor. Luckily, there are many different ways that parent volunteers in youth sports can contribute to kids' teams and leagues.
Michelle Obama's Most Fascinating Quotes on Kid...
These Michelle Obama quotes come from the First Lady's frequent speeches on behalf of Let's Move, her campaign to eliminate childhood obesity.
6 New and Different Kickball Games
When ordinary kickball games get boring, try an extra-ordinary variation. Kickball is easy to learn and play and so are these alternatives. All you need is a ball and some willing participants.
Don't Hit the Pool Without This Pool Bag...
Use this swimming pool checklist to keep your pool bag stocked with essentials and ready for a trip to the pool at a moment's notice.
Serve the Tastiest, Healthiest Half-Time Snacks...
Learn the best healthy half-time snacks for kids, plus what foods to offer before and after games. to supply the best nutrition.
22 Fun and Physical Outdoor Activities for Kids
Outdoor activities for kids keep them busy and burning energy for hours. Try these 22 different suggestions for exercise and play outside.
Get Your Kids to Drink More Water
We could all stand to drink more water. Try these strategies on your kids--and yourself, because role-modeling really works.
What You Need to Know About Stretching and...
Make kids' stretching a part of their regular routine. Just like adults, kids need to stretch their muscles after sports or active play.
Why Volunteering Is the Best Way to Keep Your...
Active, outdoor volunteering opportunities for families define quality time! You help others and help yourselves through togetherness and physical activity.
No Winners, No Losers with Cooperative Party...
With non-competitive games for kids, everyone plays, but no one loses. These cooperative games also help kids gets plenty of physical activity.
6 Fun and Active Outdoor Party Games
Keep guests busy at your next kids' birthday party: Turn them loose outside, then gather them for these active, outdoor party games.
Gross Motor Skills Development Timeline
A gross motor skills development timeline tells you when you can expect little ones to crawl, walk, and run, and how to help build these skills and muscles.
How to Bring Outdoor Games and Sports Inside
These simple, fun, safe ideas help transform outdoor play into indoor games for kids! Boost physical activity and practice sports skills too.
Active Play for Kids with Casts
For kids with casts, sedentary play and even screen time can get old fast. With your doctor's OK, try these activities for a little active play.
Jump Rope for Heart
The Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser promotes heart health and physical activity while raising funds for the American Heart Association. Events are held at schools and organized by physical education teachers and coaches.
Fats in Your Family's Diet: Good, Bad, and No Way
Know the ins and outs of good and bad fats, what kids need when, and how they fit into your family's daily diet.
Everything You Need to Know Before Your Kid...
Kids' soccer is an ideal team sport for beginners, with lots of potential for learning, fitness, and fun. Find out more about this popular youth sport.
Help Your Child Cope with Sports Anxiety
Call it game-day jitters or butterflies in the stomach--but sports anxiety isn't just for pros, or adults. Kids and teens can feel it too. Here's how to help kids who are worried about a sporting event, performance, or game.
Halloween Games That Keep Kids Moving
These active Halloween games are suitable for all ages and for large or small groups. These fun activities encourage physical activity and fun with a Halloween theme.
When Should Kids Start Playing Competitive...
Competitive sports teams hold lots of appeal for kids, but is yours ready to take on the challenge? Ask yourself these questions before you sign up.
What Does Motor Planning Mean?
To make sense of the definition for motor planning, you need to learn about motor control and motor coordination too. They're all inter-connected.
8 Games to Play While Taking a Walk
Walking games are the best way to keep whines at bay during a hike or walk. Try these simple activities to help children pass the time.
After-School Snacks That Double as Dinner
These after-school snacks pack in protein, vegetables, and fiber to sustain kids all evening long.
Game On: How to Play Capture the Flag
The classic game of Capture the Flag is a favorite at summer camps and in backyards. Assemble your teams and let the games begin!
Just Dance Series Is a Good Time and a Good...
The Just Dance series lets players learn dance moves, listen to their favorite songs, and get in a workout too. See a review of Just Dance 2 for Wii.
December Family Fitness Events
December is busy with holiday activities, parties, and to-dos, but you can also fit in some active events to keep your family's fitness on track.
Zumba for Kids - Yes, Kids Can Join the Zumba...
Children clamoring to get in on the dance fitness party? There are a bunch of options for Zumba for kids!
What Is Vigorous Physical Activity?
Exercise guidelines usually recommend a certain amount of weekly vigorous physical activity, Does your workout measure up?
Fuel Up with Protein-Packed Snacks for Kids
Healthy protein snacks for kids are more filling than carbs and often contain more nutrients too. Try these for child-friendly protein power.
5 Ways to Work Out with Kids Around
Exercise with kids by turning playtime into a workout--for both of you, if kids are into it. From dance to strength training, burn calories together.
How Late Is Too Late For Kids' Sports?
Is it ever too late to start a new sport? Here's what to know if your child gets a late start in sports.
Do-It-Yourself Kids' Fitness Equipment
Use recyclables and household items to make your own kids fitness equipment. These low- to no-cost active toys are simple to create and fun to play with.
10+ Active Toys to DIY
Make easy, free, homemade fitness equipment (for kids or adults) with everyday household items. Rethink and recycle to prompt active play.
Does Your Preschooler Get Enough Exercise?
What kind of physical activity for preschoolers is most fun and effective? Find suggestions for active, healthy, skill-building play for little kids.
These Art Projects Get Kids' Muscles Moving
Got a child who'd rather draw pictures than play outside? Try one of these projects that stretch both creative muscles and large motor skills.
Target Heart Rate
: Your target heart rate is 50% to 85% of your maximum heart rate. It is the level at which your heart
Awesome Active Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers
These active toys for toddlers and preschoolers encourage physical activity and movement. Many can be used indoors or out.
Best Ways to Keep Kids Hydrated
Find out how much water children should drink daily to stay healthy, as well as which beverages are best for them.
Play These Lifetime Sports for Lifelong Fun and...
What are lifetime sports? Activities you can enjoy from childhood well into adulthood! These lifelong passions can help you stay strong and healthy.
Make These Lifestyle Changes Today to Improve...
These 10 tips for kids' weight loss includes ways to help overweight kids enjoy fitness, change a sedentary lifestyle, and create healthy habits.
The Best Outdoor Game Anyone Can Play
Kickball rules are easy to learn and kickball is a perfect, active family game for people of all ages and skill levels.
Create a Fitness Challenge with Your Family
To motivate your family to adopt a healthier lifestyle, create a fitness challenge to do together. Find step-by-step instructions for setting up your challenge and achieving your goal.
How to Play an Indoor Soccer Party Game
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Did your soccer
How Fitness Benefits Kids with Autism
For kids with autism, fitness can improve motor skills, muscle tone, sensory integration, and social development. Find out what sports activities are best.
Fruit and Veggie-Packed Snacks for Kids
Up your family's produce intake by serving fruits and vegetables at snack time. Try these healthy snacks with fruit and vegetable ingredients.
Does Your Child Want to Play Baseball?
Baseball and its close cousin softball are all-American classics and enjoyed by thousands of kids. Is your child eager to play?
Is Wat-aah! Water Worth It? Read a Review
Wat-Aah! bottled water is designed especially for kids, with no artificial flavors and packaged in a BPA-free plastic bottle. My kids fell for it!
Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids in Between Meals
Make healthy snacks for kids a priority--they're a big part of your child's daily diet. Use snacks to fuel his body without unnecessary sugar or fat.
10 Flashlight Games for Fun After Dark
Ready for some flashlight games? These activities are perfect for summer evenings, camping out, and sleepovers. Play many of them indoors or out!
How to Start an After-School Kids' Running Club
Starting a kids' running club is easy and very inexpensive, plus you can join in on the exercise yourself. Talk to other parents at your child's school and work together to start a club.
How to Win Prizes with Your Fitness Tracker
Are you logging your daily activity with a fitness tracker? Prizes are ready and waiting for you with these reward programs and apps.
Couch-to-5K App Review: Ease Into 5K
If you're ready to move from walking to running, but want a coach you can take along with you from couch to 5K, the Ease Into 5Kapp is a good bet.
Should Your Kid Suit Up for Swim Team?
Swimming is a great workout, and swim team offers both individual and team experiences. Get all the background you need to dive in to this youth sport.
How to Make Exercise Fun for Kids
Mix and match these easy exercises to help kids enjoy active play that builds strength and fitness. Kick them off with a fun warm-up, like dancing.
Easter Party Games that Get Kids Hopping
Make your holiday an active one with Easter party games that get guests hopping, hunting, rolling, relaying, and more. Here's how to egg them on.
Make Sure Your Kids Know These 10 Basics of...
Every athlete who is involved in youth sports should be familiar with these 10 principles of sportsmanship for kids.
13+ Pool Noodle Games to Play on Dry Land
Pool noodle games are ideal for active indoor and outdoor play. Foam noodles are lightweight, inexpensive, and very versatile.
Should Your Child Play Football?
Find out if the classic fall sport of football is right for your child and your family. Kids can choose tackle, non-contact, or flag football.
How Much Activity Does a Child Actually Need?
Get the latest facts and recommendations on physical activities and fitness for school-age children, both at home and at school. Find suggestions for sports and other physical activities, plus ways to encourage physical play and movement every day.
Body-Mass Index (BMI)
: Body-mass index (BMI) is a person's weight in pounds divided by his height in inches squared, multiplied
Best Riding Toys for Bigger Kids and Tweens
Find exciting riding toys for kids and tweens, from the latest Razor scooter to helmet covers that make safety more fun.
Best Warm-Up Exercises for Kids
The best warm-up exercises for kids are fun and easy to do. Warming up before sports or stretching helps kids stay healthy and perform better.
The Best Physical Activities for Kids with...
For children with physical disabilities, sports and exercise can be a wonderful opportunity to build strength and learn new skills.
What Is the Definition of Moderate Physical...
Know the moderate physical activity definition to help determine if you are getting enough of the right kind of exercise--so you will reap health benefits.
10 Hoppin' Jump Rope Games for Kids
Hop, skip, and jump to it: These jump rope games offer lots of ways to use this simple piece of equipment. Good for solos, pairs, and groups!
Why Teen Fitness Is Such a Big Deal
Teen fitness reduces stress, improves self-esteem, boosts academic performance, and helps kids manage their weight. Help your teen get her daily dose.
Is Ice Hockey the Best Sport for Your Kid?
Ice hockey isn't just for boys, or big kids. Find the basics on this youth sport, from costs (yes, they can be high) to risks to finding a program.
What Are Antioxidants? - Definition
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Definition: Antioxidants
How to Have The Talk - About Weight and Health
It's tough for parents to know how to talk about weight, health, and body image with kids and teens. But it's important to start the conversation.
8 Smart Fitness Gift Ideas for Grown-Ups
Fitness gifts aren't always easy to give (are you offering unwelcome advice?), but these picks have appeal for a wide range of friends and family.
16 Books That Help Little Kids Live Healthier
Reading a book doesn't have to mean sitting still. These health and fitness books for kids inspire active play and movement, and teach kids about how to live healthfully.
Tips for Making Sweet and Salty Snacks That Are...
When your child craves a sweet or salty treat, try these healthy snack ideas that satisfy and nourish.
What Are Stability Skills?
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Stability skills
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Definition: Electrolytes
3 Smart Reasons for Standing Desks in Schools
At least one nonprofit group is trying to get standing desks into every public school, and there's plenty of research to support their benefits.
How to Host an Active Birthday Party
An active birthday is a fun birthday, so here's how to throw a birthday bash with get-up-and-go. Try these tips for party games, activities, and themes that celebrate physical play.
10 Tips to Make Fitness Fun for the Whole Family
It's important for everyone in your family to get plenty of physical activity. But the lure of the couch can be strong. Try one of these motivators.
Bed Sheet Parachute
Use recyclables and household items to make your own kids fitness equipment. These low- to no-cost active toys are simple to create and fun to play with.
Have a Ball! Build Kids' Motor Skills with Ball...
Playing with balls helps kids build motor skills, plus it's fun. Find out about the best balls for kids, plus games to play at each age and stage.
7 Fun Pedometer Activities for Kids
Ready, set, walk (and walk, and walk) with these kids' pedometer activities. Motivate everyone in the family to add extra steps to their routine.
Soda Bottle Baseball Bat
Use recyclables and household items to make your own kids fitness equipment. These low- to no-cost active toys are simple to create and fun to play with. Page 2.
How Do Kids Start Out in Figure Skating?
Kids' figure skating helps your child combine athletic power with artistic grace. Plus, it opens the door to a lifelong recreational activity.
How to Play Dragon Tag
Dragon Tag (and it's sister game, Sock Tag) is super fun for a big group of kids and really gets hearts pumping. Plus it promotes teamwork.
The Case for School Recess
Kids love it, and doctors do too. School recess helps kids physically, socially, and academically. It should not be eliminated or decreased for academic or punitive reasons, says the U.S.'s top organization for pediatricians.
Try These Fun Kids' Games at Your Next Holiday...
These games and activities are ideal for many winter holiday party themes, and they'll even get kids up and moving as they play.
Basics of Youth Hockey Equipment
Ice hockey equipment can be intimidating for parents. There are many different pads and guards that kids need to stay safe while playing ice hockey. USA Hockey, the governing body for youth hockey in the United States, requires the following safety gear for all players, at all practices and games.
You Can Do It: Teach Your Kid to Ride a Bike
Ready to teach your child how to ride a bike? Start by choosing from one of three popular methods: training wheels, balance bike, or parent-assisted.
9 Fun Activities to Build Your Child's Balance
Balancing is an important motor skill! Help your child develop and practice it with these fun balance activities.
Youth Sports Profile: Kids' Gymnastics
For many kids, gymnastics has big appeal: Lots of running, jumping, and cool equipment to play on. Is kids gymnastics the right sport for your child? Get the facts on this youth sport, from how much it costs to how to find a team to what your child might learn.
Should You Buy Your Kids a Trampoline?
Kids love them, but are trampolines safe? Find out what pediatricians recommend and what essential safety guidelines to follow.
Step-by-Step to Good Sportsmanship for Kids
With millions of kids playing youth sports, there are millions of opportunities for teaching good sportsmanship. Here's how to do it, age by age.
10 Ways to Limit Kids' Screen Time
Limit kids' screen time to limit risks to their health. Try these strategies to help your family cut back on viewing and adopt a more active lifestyle.
Dealing with Disappointment in Youth Sports
Dealing with disappointment in sports is an opportunity for kids to learn character traits like resilience, determination, and good sportsmanship.
Is the Gym Daycare Safe for Your Child?
Gym daycare can be a great way (or the only way!) for parents of small children to manage a workout. But not all child care rooms are created alike.
30+ Ideas for Healthy Snacks to Eat on the Go
Be ready for after-school or in-the-car munchies with healthy snacks to go. These provide good nutrition and a burst of energy for busy kids.
6 Team Bonding Activities for Youth Sports
Build a tight-knit team with these six types of sports team bonding activities suitable for kids, tweens, and teens.
Best Toys for Active Kids, at Every Age and Stage
The best toys for active kids and those that inspire hours of healthy physical activity. These picks for every age, stage, and occasion do the trick.
Secrets to Healthy School Lunches
Healthy school lunches help kids feel better and learn better. Here's your step-by-step plan for a nutritious noontime meal.
How to Play Pirates' Treasure
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Pirates' Treasure
Water Bottle Hand Weights
Use recyclables and household items to make your own kids fitness equipment. These low- to no-cost active toys are simple to create and fun to play with. Page 4.
Recycled Bottle Bowling
Use recyclables and household items to make your own kids fitness equipment. These low- to no-cost active toys are simple to create and fun to play with. Page 3.
Type 1 Diabetes
: Type 1 diabetes is a chronic medical condition in which the pancreas doesn't produce enough insulin,
Kids' Competitive Jump Roping
Kids' jump rope competition teams will wow you with strength, power, and style. Learn more about a youth sport that's fairly new, but growing fast.
10 Kids' Board Games with a Healthy Twist
For your next family game night, try these board games for kids (and parents). Many get you up and moving, and others teach important health lessons.
6 Indoor Activities for Teens (That Don't...
It's hard to find non-sedentary indoor activities for teens and tweens. They can't run and jump indoors like they used to! Try these 6 ideas for rainy days.
Youth Sports Profile: Kids Martial Arts
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Soup Can Hand Weights
Use recyclables and household items to make your own kids fitness equipment. These low- to no-cost active toys are simple to create and fun to play with. Page 5.
Outdoor Toys for All Kinds of Kids
Outdoor toys keep older kids busy and active on long summer days. Try these top picks for this summer's best toys.
High Intensity Interval Training
: High intensity interval training , or HIIT training , is exercise comprised of alternating short periods
How Fitness Helps Families to Bond
Sharing physical play helps create family closeness as well as promoting good health. Learn how and why to play together as a family.
Not Quite a Scooter, Not Quite a Bike: A Zike!
The Zike (formerly WingFlyer) Z150 is a clever elliptical scooter that offers a fun, low-impact, and challenging ride for tweens, teens, and adults.
Type 2 Diabetes
: Type 2 diabetes is a chronic medical condition in which the body's cells have become resistant to insulin
Balance Beam as a Group Game
Use recyclables and household items to make your own kids fitness equipment. These low- to no-cost active toys are simple to create and fun to play with. Page 9.
Indoor Toys and Games for Active Play
These indoor toys and games, for ages 3 to 8, get children up and moving. They include games, play mats, and even video games.
Track Steps on the Cheap with Avia Aspire
The Avia Aspire fitness tracker is an inexpensive, no-frills device that is well worth the $15 price tag.
How to Help Your Kid Find a Sport They'll Love
Some kids find a sport or fitness activity they love on their own. Others need help to connect with their passion. Here's how you can offer guidance.
Look Sharp: Tips for Skate Sharpening
How often do ice skates need sharpening? Read on for a guide to the when, where, and how of skate sharpening.
Cool Sport Alert: Youth Archery
Youth archery may appeal to kids who like technology and prefer strength over cardio. This lifetime sport requires calm determination more than a keen eye.
Sleeping Better for Better Family Health
Sleeping better can help everyone in your family feel healthier. Find out more about how and why to make sure adults and children get plenty of sleep.
Healthy Family - Take the Healthy Family Quiz
Raising a healthy family may take some planning and dedication, but the payoffs are beyond compare. Getting enough exercise and eating right are habits that start at home. How does your family score on a scale of overall fitness and healthy living? Take this quiz to find out.
First Lady Michelle Obama Takes on Obesity with...
First Lady Michelle Obama's obesity awareness and prevention campaign, Let's Move, is her passion and her mission.
Help Kids Survive Puberty - Through Fitness
As kids undergo the rapid changes of puberty, they can feel a loss of control. Exercise can help them manage their changing brains and bodies.
Balloon Volleyball for Two
Use recyclables and household items to make your own kids fitness equipment. These low- to no-cost active toys are simple to create and fun to play with. Page 15.
Is Your Child Putting In Too Much Practice Time?
For safer sports practices, kids need to limit the amount of time they spend training every week. Overdoing it could lead to overuse injuries and more.
: Carbohydrates are the most common source of food energy. Foods composed mainly of starches, sugar,
Is My Kid Too Young for Group Fitness Classes?
Youth fitness classes can be a fun way for kids to work out, but when are they old enough? Learn about group exercise for kids, tweens, and teens.
12 Hot Active Toys for School-Age Kids
These school-age toys are fun enough to appeal to savvy kids this age, plus their sporty themes will prompt plenty of active play.
Exercise for Kids: How to Teach a Love of...
Exercise for kids is important, and it's critical to teach kids about being active early in life. Try these three easy activities together.
Youth Sports Profile: Basketball
Youth basketball can be played indoors or out, same-sex or coed, pick-up at the park or high-stakes in the gym. It can be fun, and a good workout for kids of all ages and abilities, no matter their height!
Should Toddlers Play Sports?
Sports for toddlers should emphasize fun, physical activity, and age-appropriate motor skills. Your toddler might enjoy soccer, t-ball, or tumbling.
Getting Started With a Family Fitness Plan
Ready to get more fit and active as a family? Great! Here are the hows, whys, and whens of getting started with a family fitness plan.
6 Tips to Get the Reluctant Child Exercising
These resources and advice will help you encourage a reluctant child to be more physically active.
Sports and Fitness for Kids with Intellectual...
Find out what kind of sports and physical activities are best for children with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities.

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