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Reader Reviews : Exergames for Parents and Families


Updated July 07, 2010

If you have a Wii, you've likely played Wii Sports and probably Wii Fit too. But these exergames are just the tip of the iceberg. Share your thoughts about these and other exergames for the Wii and other platforms, or find ideas for your next purchase.

EA Sports Active 2 for Wii

Excellent workout but won't count my reps. I tried moving all over, and moving the sensor bar but and it only counts for certain exercises. It took me about 15 minutes to do "10" tricep extentions, w…More

Review - Wii Sports for Nintendo Wii

While it's an oldie, it's still a goody! Our family loves to do Wii Bowling tournaments in the winter. While it's not ideal fitness, it sure beats sitting on the couch!The kids also try to out step e…More

Konami Walk It Out for Nintendo Wii

As bad as I am at it, I love DDR (Dance Dance revolution), but it can be very hard on my knees. So when I saw Walk It Out by the same company that puts out DDR, I was intrigued. Judging by the box co…More

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