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Readers Respond: What Girls' Sports Mean to Me

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Updated October 22, 2012

From the article: The Best Sports for Kids
Were you an athlete as a girl, or are you the parent of a girl athlete? Or both? What benefits have girls' sports brought to you or your daughter? Share your thoughts on the importance of girls' sports. Share Your Story

Roller Derby as a children's sport

I would also like to mention how great an activity roller derby is for children, especially for girls' sports. It is an active sport that gets kids moving and as they become more accomplished & older if they choose to go the full contact route, they can.
—Guest Kelarella de Vil

Yea for Title IX!

I was not an athlete as a girl because I went to school before Title IX, and opportunities for female athletes were scarce. My daughters and granddaughters have participated in organized girls' sports, and I see tons of benefits, from a better understanding of one's body to improved self esteem. In addition, they enjoyed the camaraderie of being part of a team and the invaluable experience of learning to work with teammates. As a teacher, some of my very best students were female athletes. In spite of the long hours spent practicing and playing, they were almost always utterly dependable about their schoolwork, as well as being respectful and easy to work with. Thank goodness for Title IX!


I really enjoy the self esteem my girls get from doing a sport. They enjoy watching their bodies work and how they feel afterwards. I also try to praise them on effort, even when they aren't having such a great day.
—Guest Robin

Benefits Even for Very Young

Unfortunately, I never was encouraged by my parents to pursue sports. One of my regrets is that I didn't be more persistent with my parents to try. With my own daughters, aged 6 and 4, I don't want to overschedule or force them into sports, but simply to expose them to a variety of sports and see where their gifts lie. Even at this young age, I have seen their participation in swimming, gymnastics, and soccer have a tremendous boost on their confidence, their social skills, and their preference for an active vs. sedentary lifestyle. I am very glad to start at this young age and gently encourage them in the direction of their interest and ability.
—Jennifer White

We were both athletes

My oldest daughter was an athlete, as was I. We both played varsity sports in high school. I believe we learned how to gauge and interact with people, teammates and opponents.


The benefits include learning to work together for a common purpose, flexibility and energy.

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What Girls' Sports Mean to Me

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