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Readers Respond: When to Start a Competitive Sport

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Updated October 05, 2011

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  • What is the right age for kids to begin playing a competitive sport (or join an elite team)? How do you know when your child is mature enough to handle competition? Tell us what you think. Share Your Opinion

    It depends on your child!

    I have a 6 and 8 year old and just recently a friend said to me, if you kids are going to play sports in high school, you need to get them to focus now and pick the sport they want to pursue. My response was I just want my kids to have fun right now and neither of them is super interested in any sport. So they probably won't be playing a sport in high school. I did not like the pressure I felt just from my friend and I am not ready to push my kids to pursue something they are not truely interested in. So I guess my thought is, it definitely depends on your kids. There are other kids at my children's school who are really into sports, so I say good for them if they are ready to get more focused. Right now my family is still just at the let's try lots of different sports and activities to see where our interests lie. Also, I like for them to have a couple of days a week just to have time for free play, not a structured activity.
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    When to Start a Competitive Sport

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