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Readers Respond: Ideas for Indoor Activities for Kids

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Updated November 19, 2012

Does your child have a favorite indoor game or activity? Have you found ways to help kids enjoy active play inside? Is your child a sports lover who wants to play even when weather or other challenges keep him indoors? Share your favorite indoor activities for kids.

Ping Pong!

The family room has a ping pong table that is in use a lot. When we have holiday get togethers, people of all ages enjoy playing ping pong, but the kids especially love it.
—Guest MamaLiz

Building Games

Building games can be good indoor exercise for kids, especially if the building pieces are large. Kids will be bending and stretching to beat the band. I have a fort-building set by Cranium that uses foam tubes that hook together, but improvising tents is just as much fun. The kids use furniture and sheets and blankets. Since this game usually involves moving furniture around, it is really good exercise. The only rule I have is that they have to help clean up!
—Guest Siouxsie

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