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Have an Active Summer

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Enjoy the outdoors, the weather, and your family, and feel good while you do!

Let's Play!
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Preventing Heat Illness on the Playing Field

Heat illness can be dangerous and even fatal--but it's also preventable and treatable. Find out how to keep your athlete safe during hot summer practices.

The Fun Factor in Kids' Sports

When kids have fun playing sports, they're more likely to keep playing. Boost the fun factor in youth sports: Winning isn't everything!

Presidential Youth Fitness Program

The Presidential Youth Fitness Program is no longer a one-time look at kids' performance on a fitness test. Instead, it aims to encourage lifelong health.

Muscle-Building Dangers

Many adolescents - both boys and girls - engage in muscle-enhancing behaviors, and not all of them are healthy. Help your teen build muscle safely.

Summer Sports Camp Safety

Summer sports camps have many benefits, but they also have their own set of safety concerns. Find out how to lower your child's risk at sports camp.

Best Warm-Up Exercises for Kids

The best warm-up exercises for kids are fun and easy to do. Warming up before sports or stretching helps kids stay healthy and perform better.

Soccer-Inspired Games for Kids

Ultimate soccer mom Kristine Lilly shares how-tos for four soccer games that build skills and promote active play.

Get More Out of Geocaching

Does your family love geocaching? Here's how to go beyond the basics and branch out into different kinds of caches that aim to educate and entertain.

Let's Go Swimming: Family Fun and Fitness in the Water

Kids usually love water--for fun, games, swimming, splashing and even competing. Find activity ideas, sports how-tos, and safety tips for water play.

Playground Games That Pack a Punch

Some playground games are better than others -- when it comes to a winning combination of physical activity and fun. Find 11 games that get kids moving.

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