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Outdoor Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Encourage active play with safe, fun, preschool outdoor toys.


Updated May 13, 2011

The best part of warmer weather? Playing outside! Encourage kids to get out and get active with these top picks for preschool outdoor toys. These toys are especially designed to encourage toddlers and preschoolers to run, climb, throw, catch, and dig.

1. Little Tikes 3-in-1 Baseball Trainer

Little Tikes 3 in 1 Baseball Trainer
Little Tikes
Very little leaguers (ages 3 and up) can learn baseball skills with this trainer. It pitches balls automatically for batting or catching, or kids can practice their pitching aim by throwing at the large net. Comes with a bat and balls, but you supply the batteries.
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2. Step2 Kickback Soccer Goal & Pitch Back

Step2 Kickback Soccer Goal and Pitch Back
Kids can try their hands (and feet) at soccer, hockey, and basic throwing and catching with this versatile goal. One side functions as a soccer or hockey goal, or flip it around and use the reverse side to toss a ball and have it bounce back. Better yet, the goal comes with two hockey sticks, a puck, a soccer ball, and a pitch-back ball.
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3. Yackle Ball Jr.

Yackle Ball Junior preschool outdoor toy
TTALF Corporation

This clever ball is ideal for young children who are just learning how to throw and catch. It's soft, so it doesn't hurt when it bounces off an uncoordinated hand (or head). The X shape helps make it easier for kids to clutch and catch, instead of slipping through their grasp.

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4. Step2 Water Rush Quarry Sand and Water Table

Step2 Water Rush Quarry Sand and Water Table

Get ready to race: Slide the sandbox's cover up and over to create a racetrack that works with water, rocks, or your kids' favorite wheeled vehicles. The set includes a crane, two bridges, a tunnel, a dam, a ramp, a bucket, a shovel, and two vehicles. A similar (and less expensive) set for lovers of things that go is Step2's Sand and Water Transportation Station (compare prices).

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5. E-Z Bat Baseball Bat

Monkey Business Sports E-Z Bat Baseball Bat
Monkey Business Sports

With this clever bat, there's no pitching required.  The ball is actually a thick, rounded ring that slides up and off the bat when kids swing, so they're guaranteed to get a hit each time. (You can also remove the ball from the bat and pitch it the old-fashioned way.) The ball is made of sturdy foam rubber, and the bat is coated with foam as well.

6. Little Tikes Easy Score Kick Croquet

Little Tikes Easy Score Kick Croquet
Little Tikes

Preschoolers can join in on the classic lawn game with this simpler, safer version, which uses oversized wickets and inflatable balls. There are no mallets; kids kick the balls through the wickets instead. The wickets also come with bases so that you can use the game indoors or out.

7. Bravo Sports Junior Roller Skates

Bravo Sports Diego Jr. Roller Skates
Bravo Sports

If your preschooler is eyeing his big brother's inline skates, consider getting him his own starter set. These Bravo Sports adjustable, over-the-shoe roller skates come in Diego, Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants, and Barbie versions. Protective gear is a must!

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8. Fisher-Price Shake 'n Go Flyer

Fisher-Price Shake 'n Go Flyer

Fisher-Price's Shake 'n Go line isn't just for wheeled vehicles. It also includes Flyers, like stunt planes and fighter jets. Just shake the plane on its base, then launch it in to the air; planes can fly up to 20 feet. It all depends on how hard you shake, so get jiggling!

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9. Little Kids No-Spill Bubble Blitzers

Little Kids Bubble Blitzer
Little Kids

Young children can easily get frustrated when they dip and dip and dip their bubble wand and still can’t form any bubbles. The Blitzer continuously coats the wand with liquid so kids can easily blow thousands of bubbles—and that means thousands of opportunities to run and chase those floating orbs. If your child is a Nascar® fan, try a Bubble Racer (compare prices), continuous bubble-blowing race cars featuring superstar drivers Dale Earnhardt, Jr., and Jeff Gordon.

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10. Little Tikes Mulching Mower

Little Tikes Mulching Mower preschool outdoor toy
Little Tikes

This cute push toy is quickly becoming a backyard classic. Both boys and girls love to pretend to cut the grass, fill their mower with gas, and turn its clicking key. You won't believe how much ground your junior landscaper will cover as she pushes this mower just like Mom and Dad do.

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