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Get Started With Family Fitness


Congratulations--you are ready to take the first step toward a more active lifestyle! Whether your goal is a tighter tummy, less TV time, or a better relationship with your child, sharing physical activities and fitness is a great way to achieve your aims.
  1. Get Motivated
  2. Set Goals
  3. What You Need
  4. Find an Activity

Get Motivated

Determined bicyclist, photo by G.P. Cartwright

Start by preparing your mind and revving up your motivation to move. These tips and advice will help you get ready to go (and convince your family to come along for the ride, too).

Set Goals

Boys outdoor soccer, photo by Kari Dahlen

Create a road map for your journey to a fitter family. Know what you and your kids need when, what you can do and expect at each age and stage, and how to keep everyone safe.

What You Need

Family with bikes and trailer, photo by Rob George

While it's easy to add activity to your daily routine with little or no equipment, having some sports gear and active toys on hand may help encourage children to play longer and more enthusiastically. Try some of these hand-picked favorites.

Find an Activity

Swimming lesson, photo by Catherine Holecko

There are hundreds of ways to work out, play actively, and increase fitness. Finding the ones that work for you and your family can be the key to sticking with a healthier lifestyle. Switching up your workouts helps keep everyone motivated and reduces the risk of injury, so try something new today!

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