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Just Dance 2 for Nintendo Wii

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Updated December 31, 2010

Ubisoft Just Dance 2 for Wii
Ubisoft, Inc.

The Bottom Line

Just Dance 2 gets everyone in your family up and dancing, with songs and dance steps that will appeal to a wide range of tastes. Slip in a workout with Just Sweat mode or while competing in a Dance Crew Face-Off! While Just Dance 2 doesn't include a lot of the fitness components you'd expect from an exergame, the choreography and visuals will get your feet moving and your heart pounding.
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  • Fun songs and choreography
  • Easy to learn to play (although some dance moves are tricky!)
  • Up to eight dancers can play
  • Good indoor workout


  • Warm-up includes static stretches, usually not a good idea
  • Just Sweat interface (workout mode) can be confusing
  • Few extras or options for workout mode
  • Inconsistent scoring


  • Four dance modes: Dance Crew Face-off, Dancing Duets, Dance Party, and Just Sweat
  • Requires Wii console and Wii remote (no other peripherals)
  • Pictograms preview upcoming dance steps
  • Option to view song lyrics onscreen
  • Includes 44 songs (purchase additional songs with Wii Points)

Guide Review - Just Dance 2 for Nintendo Wii

Playing this game reminded me of the aerobics classes I took in college--when I had a teacher who played great music and incorporated fun choreography. It's so much fun bopping to the music, and trying to keep up with the dance steps, that I hardly notice the workout I'm getting.

A follow-up to Ubisoft's Just Dance, which came out in 2009, the new Just Dance 2 contains new songs and the option to download more using Wii points. It's a karaoke-like dance game in which players follow an onscreen avatar's moves to score points, but it doesn't require an extra peripheral like a mat (as in Dance Dance Revolution).

The visuals on this game are super appealing (see screenshot). The background and costume changes reflect each song's era and style in a fun and cheeky way; check out the Afro and bell-bottoms on the Jackson 5 song "I Want You Back." The avatar's right hand lights up, indicating where the Wii remote should be.

Really, only your arm movements are tracked for scoring purposes, so if you're playing for points, you may feel frustrated. I recommend just enjoying the fun of the music and visuals, the challenge of the choreography, and the satisfaction of a pretty decent workout. The variety of songs and dance styles is excellent--from Donna Summer to a Bollywood number to the Pussycat Dolls. Some song lyrics may not be appropriate for young children (Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" comes to mind), although the worst words are silenced on the audio track and not listed on the onscreen lyrics. The game is E10+ (for Everyone 10 and up) due to the lyrics. Check out Just Dance Kids (compare prices) for songs that are more appropriate for younger children.

Just Sweat Mode for Just Dance 2

Just Dance 2 includes a workout mode called "Just Sweat." In this mode, you can view a "sweat gauge" that indicates how hard you're working in real time, and you can earn sweat points and track progress toward a weekly goal. Without a heart-rate monitor or basic data on your height and weight, this "gauge" is a pretty subjective measurement. But if seeing it inch upwards motivates you, then that's all that matters.

The Just Sweat mode is pretty basic. The choices for this mode are "mild," "tough," and "intense," which refer to the number of sweat points you want to earn. You can dance to any of the songs in the game; there is no recommended or pre-set playlist for Just Sweat. (Look at the number of sweat drops marking each song for a gauge of how tough a workout it is). After each song, you view a graph that shows how close you are to your goal. Oddly, if you want to continue playing, you click on the button marked "Start." So you won't get an organized, planned, and properly tracked workout as you would with an exergame like EA Sports Active. But you will have a lot of fun, and get your heart rate up too.

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