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Fitness for School-Age Kids

Get your child moving! School-age kids need exercise every day to stay healthy and fit, and the best way to encourage activity is to find fun ways to play together. Topics include safety, nutrition, game and activity how-tos, and how to motivate your school-age child to be physically active.

Fitness for School-Aged Kids
Describes physical fitness basics for school-age children at home and at school. Lists suggestions for many sports and other physical activities. Also suggests ways to encourage physical play and movement in kids.

“But I Hate Gym!”
It's a common complaint--kids often say they hate gym class. Here is a three-step method for changing their minds and helping them love, or at least tolerate, PE.

How to Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike
Describes three popular methods to teach a kid to ride a bike: using training wheels, an undersized bike, or a full-sized bike with a parent running alongside.

How to Improve Kids' School Lunches
Is your kid's cafeteria tray loaded with fried, fatty, and/or starchy foods, rather than nutrient-rich choices that help him learn and stay healthy? Here's how to make kids' school lunches better--now.

How to Start a School Wellness Committee
Improve fitness, nutrition, and health in your school community with a wellness council dedicated to healthy living.

What Can Parents Do When Kids Don't Like Sports?
Don't worry -- there are lots of ways to kindle (or re-kindle) an interest in sports and fitness.

Ideas for Your School Wellness Committee
Ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work? Try these initiatives and ideas for your school wellness committee.

Start a Walking School Bus
With a walking school bus, kids walk to school as a group, with parents taking turns supervising. Setting one up is quick and easy, and benefits everyone who participates.

How to Pack Healthy School Lunches
Here's how to create midday meals that deliver both nutrition and good taste.

How to Start an After-School Kids' Running Club
A running club is an easy way to help kids get more exercise after school. This activity requires very little equipment and doesn't have to cost a thing.

Physical Literacy
Learn more about this important concept, and how to tell if your child has the skills and opportunities she needs to achieve physical literacy.

The Case for School Recess
It's not just fun and games. School recess gives kids' brains a break and helps them build social skills. Plus it helps them get the physical activity they need every day.

Choose a Healthy After-School Child Care Program
Look for an after-school care program that offers healthy foods, lots of time for active play, and lessons about nutrition and physical activity.

How to Host a Family Fitness Event at School
Inspire parents and kids with a fun family fitness event at school, complete with active play and tasty treats.

Presidential Youth Fitness Program
Once the bane of the gym class experience, the Presidential Youth Fitness Program has been updated to encourage lifelong health and physical activity/

Celebrate Walk to School Day
Help your kids get healthy and help your community support safe routes to school by celebrating Walk to School Day in October. Many communities observe Walk to School Day, Week, or Month.

International Walk to School Day
On International Walk to School Day, walk or bike to school! Your observance can be as simple as making a point to walk to school with your child on this day, or as big as a school-wide Walk to School Day event with awards, a welcome breakfast, and a guest speaker.

International Walk to School Month
In 2006, International Walk to School Day expanded to become International Walk to School Month so that more communities and schools could participate. If you want to join in, all you need to do is walk or bike to school this month!

Does Your Child Walk to School?
Does your child walk to school? Why or why not? Discuss this hotter-than-you-might expect topic.

Teaching Kids to Effectively Exercise
The American Council on Exercise offers advice on how to help kids learn exercise routines safely.

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