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February Vacation

No school during February vacation? Here are some healthy activity ideas.


Updated February 21, 2011

Event: February Vacation

Date: Varies, but many school districts take a break of a day, a few days, or a week around Presidents' Day (the third Monday in February).

Location: Some U.S. school districts

Organizer: None

What to do: It all depends on your schedule, your interests, and your budget. If your children don't have school, but you have to work, look for February vacation day camps offered by parks and rec departments, community centers, or scouting organizations.

If you want to travel, check out this list of winter vacation ideas from About's Guide to Family Vacations.

Staying home for February vacation? Take a fit family outing (or several), do a few of these rainy-day activities or cabin-fever cures, or try a new outdoor sport or winter activity.

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