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NCAA Final Four College Basketball Tournament

Who will be in the NCAA Final Four? Check out the games with your family.


Updated August 02, 2012

Event: NCAA Final Four, the semi-final and final games of the NCAA college basketball tournament

Date: The NCAA tournament (aka March Madness) begins in mid-March, and the Final Four games are traditionally played on the first weekend in April. Men's games are on Saturday and Monday, women's on Sunday and Tuesday. For 2013, men's Final Four games are on April 6, and the championship game is April 8.

For the women's tournament, Final Four games are played on April 7, and the championship game is April 9.

Location: In 2013, the men's NCAA Final Four games will be played in Atlanta, Georgia. The women's games will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Organizer: National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

What to do: Watch the games with your young basketball player or fan. It's a great opportunity to talk to him or her about skills development, values, sportsmanship, and more.

For more information: NCAA men's basketball championship site and NCAA women's basketball championship site

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