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Fitness for Teenagers

Teens need exercise every day to stay healthy and fit, and the best way to encourage activity is to help adolescents find sports or exercise they enjoy. Topics include safety, nutrition, sports and fitness how-tos, and how to motivate your teenager to be physically active.

Fitness for Teens and Tweens
Describes particular benefits of exercise for teenagers and preadolescents. Lists reasons kids this age may not get enough physical activity. Offers suggestions for types of sports and athletic pursuits teens and tweens might enjoy and ways to encourage participation.

Fitness in Puberty
Kids' bodies (and brains) change rapidly during puberty, which can quickly lead to feelings of awkwardness or more serious body image issues. Frequent physical activity may help tweens and teens feel more in control of their changing bodies. Exercise can also help kids manage stress and maintain their weight.

"But I Hate Gym!"
It's a common complaint--kids often say they hate gym class. Here is a three-step method for changing their minds and helping them love, or at least tolerate, PE.

Am I Fat?
Try these confidence-boosting tips from experts and parents to help build your tween or tween's body image during puberty. Most apply to both girls and boys who worry, "Am I fat?"

Girls, Puberty, and Fitness
For tween girls, puberty can be a trying time. Those who develop early may feel ashamed of their new curves and status as sexual beings. Those who develop later than their peers feel left behind. Weight gain associated with puberty is normal, but can leave girls worrying, "Am I fat?"

Puberty, Boys, and Fitness
During puberty, boys may become more athletic thanks to added muscle and height. Even overweight boys may be inspired to exercise more.

Muscle-Building Dangers
Many teens (including girls) engage in muscle-enhancing behaviors, and not all of their strategies are healthy. Here's how to build muscle safely.

What Can Parents Do When Kids Don't Like Sports?
Has your tween or teen given up on sports, or never liked them in the first place? Figure out why so you can encourage her to find sports fun.

Rainy Day Activities for Teens and Tweens
Rainy day activities for teens and tweens pose a challenge, especially if you want to avoid sedentary pursuits. After all, big kids can no longer drag their tricycles inside and race around the basement! Try these more practical ideas.

Great Sports Books for Tweens and Teens
If your child is a reluctant reader, or needs a refresher on sportsmanship, these titles can help.

Online Physical Education
Is online PE coming to your child's school? Learn more about online physical education, how it works and when it's used.

Is Your Tween Failing Soccer?
Noncompetitive, individual athletic pursuits offer preteens the chance to learn a new skill in an environment that promotes growth and challenge, rather than competition.

Be Your Teen's Biggest Fan
Find seven simple suggestions for supporting your teen athlete, from keeping her workout gear ready to use to cheering her on at games and competitions.

Get Your Teen Ready for Sports Season
Sports teams at the high school level-and even in middle school–are serious in their workouts and competitions. Both athletes and their parents need to be prepared.

Help Your Teen Shape a Healthy Body Image
Take a quiz to find out if your teen has a healthy body image. Then consult resources to address the problem, if there is one.

Quiz: Does Your Daughter Have a Healthy Body Image?
Take a closer look at your daughter's body image with this parenting quiz. Follow up with helpful resources for nurturing a positive body outlook.

BAM! Body and Mind
BAM! Body and Mind is an online destination for kids created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Designed for kids 9 to 13 years old, BAM! Body and Mind gives them the information they need to make healthy lifestyle choices.

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