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All Kinds of Active Play

To encourage physical activity, help kids find the sports, exercise, or games that most appeal to them. Topics include how to play, what the rules are, what equipment players need, where to find a team or class, and the benefits of different activities.
  1. Games and How to Play Them (35)

5 Activities to Do With Your Kids
Want to get your family moving? Tempt kids with these irresistible activities. If you play along, your children are more likely to want to join in. Plus, you'll reap the fitness benefits too.

12 Rainy Day Activities
Don't let a little rain keep your kids parked on the couch all day: Try one of these games, activities, or outings that encourage physical activity (and keep the "I'm bored" blues away too).

Rainy Day Activities for Toddlers
No sunshine is no problem! These rainy day activities help your toddler get the daily exercise she needs, inside your home.

22 Playful, Physical Outdoor Activities for Kids
There's no reason for kids to be bored when there is a whole world of outdoor play waiting for them. Keep this list of outdoor activities for kids handy. How many can you check off in one sunny season? (Hint: These outdoor play ideas are not limited to the summer months, or to your backyard.)

Active Party Games for Kids
Help kids burn off energy and excitement with party games that get them active and moving. These games work for birthday parties and other kids' events, indoors and outdoors.

Family Fitness Ideas
See 10 family fitness ideas that get everyone playing actively together. Enjoy spending time together and boost fitness levels too.

Best Family Fitness Activities for You
What's fun for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, big kids, teens ... AND parents? Find out what to do when.

Cure Cabin Fever With Active Play
Getting outside is the number one cabin fever cure, but sometimes you can't do that (or you already have). Cool your kids' case of cabin fever with these suggestions for active, indoor play.

Laugh-Out-Loud Fun Workouts
Add more fitness to your life with a fun workout that gets you giggling, but also gets your heart pumping.

Easy Stretches for Kids
Keep little ones limber with these fun activities and games that incorporate easy stretches.

Letterboxing and Geocaching with Kids
Play these fun treasure hunt games to encourage kids to walk and explore outdoors. Hidden treasures are located all over the world, but you can start in your own hometown.

How to Host an Active Birthday Party
No matter what your child's interests are, host a party with games, activities, and themes that celebrate physical play.

What to Do on Rainy Days - Outside
Keep kids busy on rainy days by going outside. These activities are fun and keep kids moving even when the day is gloomy.

Active Family Vacation Ideas
Try a new sport, immerse yourself in one you already love, or simply spend family time together enjoying physical activity.

Find a Trail Finder
Whether you want to go on or off the beaten path, you can find a trail that suits your family's needs with a trail finder. These interactive listings let you search by activity (from birding to snowshoeing), by state, by terrain and more. Check out what's in your neighborhood or at your next vacation destination with a simple-to-use trail...

Playing Games with Kids: Should I Let Them Win?
It's a tricky topic for parents. When you play games together, should you give your child a self-esteem boost by letting her win? Or focus more on teaching her how to be a good sport?

Cheap Fitness Fun
Sports equipment and gym memberships can be costly. Even an outing to the bowling alley can add up. But opportunities for cheap fitness abound if you know where to look and what to play. Try these ideas for low-budget, active fun.

Active Play for Kids with Casts
Get your doctor's approval first, then try these ideas for kids healing from broken bones or other injuries requiring a cast. These activities allow for some exercise even with a cast or sling in place.

Big Fun with Simple Toys
Sure, fancy toys and formal sports programs get kids moving, but these basic toys and household items encourage lots of active play too.

Let's Go Swimming: Family Fun in the Water
It's perfect for games, swimming, splashing and sports. Find activity ideas, how-tos, and safety tips for all-ages water play.

Get Out and Play!
Plan a family outing that offers plenty of physical activity. This list of get out, get going destinations can work for a rainy day, as a reward for a job well done or a friendly competition, or a way to celebrate someone's birthday or other special day. But you don't need any particular reason to get out and play together. Go have fun!

Get More Out of Geocaching
Does your family love geocaching? Here are 6 ways to level up your geocache game with nontraditional caches and geocaching activities.

Activities for Dogs and Families to Share
Your dog can motivate your whole family to be more active, whether through daily walks or one of these exciting games and activities.

Beach Activities for Kids
These beach activities help children and teens boost their daily dose of active play while enjoying the sun, sand, and surf.

Gardening Activities for Kids and Families
Gardening activities get kids outside and active. Planting a garden and helping with yardwork is good exercise and helps kids enjoy nature.

Is My Child Old Enough?
How do you know when kids are old enough for a new skill, or even a new freedom? Find out when kids can start these fitness-related activities.

Fun Pedometer Activities for Kids
Get more out of a simple step-counter with these fun activities. Pedometers are cheap and easy to use, and are powerful motivators too!

Farmers' Market Activities for Families
Take kids to the farmers' market for fresh air, fun activities, and stealthy nutrition lessons.

Zumba for Kids
Are your children clamoring to join the dance fitness party? There are Zumba for kids options for all ages.

Benefits of Water Parks
They cost a pretty penny and are loud and chlorine-laced. But good things do come from a water park visit!

Summer Olympic Sports to Try
From the obscure to the ubiquitous, there are enough summer Olympic sports to tempt everyone in your family! Here's how to sample them all.

Winter Olympic Sports to Try
You don't even need snow or ice to sample some of these inspiring, exciting winter sports.

Your Favorite Indoor Activities for Kids
Even when weather or other challenges keep kids inside, they can still enjoy active play. Try these tips or submit your own.

Get Crafty: Large Motor Skills Activities Inspired by Art
Got a child who'd rather draw pictures or string beads than play outside any day? While those fine motor skills activities are good for his brain...

Your Favorite Active Family Outings
Where does your family love to go to play actively together? Family outings can be a great way to reward achievements, celebrate special days, or just enjoy each other's company. What are your favorite destinations for active family outings (inside and out)? Get and give suggestions.

Your Favorite Rainy Day Activities
Share your best suggestions for ways to keep kids active and busy indoors on bad-weather days, or read what other parents have to say.

How Do You Encourage Fun Kids Fitness?
Read parents' fun kids fitness ideas, or share your own favorite ways to encourage active play.

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