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Games & Activities for Families


Looking for some ways to play together actively? Look no further! This collection of games and activities for families will keep you on your toes. You'll find party games, outdoor activities, ways to play indoors and seasonal favorites. Go play!
  1. Outdoor Games & Activities
  2. Indoor Games & Activities
  3. Active Party Games
  4. Seasonal Games & Activities

Outdoor Games & Activities

Boy with backpack and parents hiking

Playing outside encourages physical activity for both kids and adults. Enjoy your outdoor time more with these activities, games, and sports for families. Get out there and see what happens!

Indoor Games & Activities

Homemade indoor balloon volleyball with ribbon net

If weather, illness, or a sleeping baby is keeping you inside, don't default to sedentary pursuits. There are lots of ways to play actively inside.

Active Party Games

Kids play musical chairs outside at a birthday party

Planning a birthday bash or block party? These games are suitable for almost any occasion, and endlessly adaptable too. Send your guests home tired instead of wired.

Seasonal Games & Activities

Girl playing in sand at beach

With warm sunshine, long hours of daylight, school vacations, and family travel, summer offers rich opportunities for fitness and fun.

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