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LoseIt! Food Tracker App

Reader Reviews: Fitness Apps

User Rating 4 Star Rating

By Elena

Updated September 07, 2010

LoseIt! Food Tracker App

Screen shot of Lose It! app food tracker and exercise log

Fitness App

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August 2010

My Review 

This food tracker app allows you to track calories in and calories out by logging food intake and exercise. You can also track nutrition by day or week (% fat, carbs, protein; grams of sugar, etc.). You can set a weight loss goal and the app calculates how many calories you should take in each day in order to reach your goal.

The food tracker has a database of calorie counts including supermarket and restaurant items. I was surprised that some popular items (e.g., Newman's Own brand) were not included. But you can add your own items if you know the nutritional information. I also wish that the search function was more sophisticated--it doesn't have auto-fill and it doesn't correct common mistakes.

You can also create a LoseIt.com account to back up data, view detailed reports, share with friends, etc.


iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

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Catherine Holecko, About.com Family Fitness, says:

Using a food tracker can be a really helpful way to encourage weight loss or understand nutrition better. It's also motivating to see your allowable daily calories go up as you add exercise. Thanks, Elena!

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