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Readers Respond: Advice From Parents on Finding Time for Home Fitness

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Updated July 06, 2009

It's tough to find time to work out when you're a busy parent. Do you have successful strategies for squeezing exercise into your busy schedule, via home fitness workouts or another tactic?

Take Your kids on Walks

I remember when I was a kid my mom would always take us on long walks at night, we would get to catch toads and enjoy the smell of outside. Sometimes we would rollerblade or ride a bike so my mom could go on a longer walk. It was really fun and it will keep your kids in shape, too.
—Guest Shayla

Run while kids bike

I sometimes run while I get my kids to bike with me around our neighborhood. I find they are much faster than I am!
—Guest Kara

Car/bike swap

If you're going somewhere as a family and it's too far for the kids to bike but close enough for an adult to bike, you can take turns biking and driving - e.g. mom drives there and dad bikes there and mom bikes back and dad drives back.

Bike and Walk

Ride your bike to work. Fitting in errands on the way home adds mileage and gets things done.
—Guest Steve

Keep a special toy for workout time

We figured this out by accident - we have an old kitchen table & chairs in the basement near the treadmill. We set up our son's big playmobil airport on it to keep it off the floor. Well, now he can play with it while one parent runs on the treadmill - he knows he has to stay seated at the table. He likes having someone nearby and he is out of reach of the treadmill and supervised, but busy enough to keep from bothering the runner. It works for everyone (until he gets sick of that toy - but we can always put something else there, then).
—Guest elena

Walk the Dog

So many people with dogs just let them out in the yard... it's way better for the parents AND the dog if the dog gets a long brisk walk at least twice a day!

I find a way!

I'm usually training for a running race, so I need to get my workouts done somehow. I have a treadmill at home, which I use when my toddler and 7-month-old are sleeping. We also joined a gym with child care, which has been a lifesaver. It's much cheaper than paying a babysitter to watch my kids while I work out. I also just try to sneak in workouts whenever I can. I have been known to do squats and lunges while holding a baby or feeding my son in his highchair. I also have a double jogging stroller which I use for shorter runs when my kids are in good moods. With lots of strategies to choose from, I somehow manage to piece together a weekly running and workout routine.

Buy a babyjogger!

Sill use it with my nearly 3 year old. We just won a medal for a 5K.
—Guest Kaisey

I Play With My Kids

The one thing I can find time to do is play with my children. When they go outside to ride scooters or bikes, I try to go with them, at least for a few minutes. I can walk beside them as they ride, and get in a 10-20 minute brisk workout, if I push myself. I also join in when they dance around the house to their lively music.
—Guest Jen

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